Optimus and Richards/Carlberg Create Series of Spots for UTHealth to Raise Awareness of Early Childhood Development

Director Danny J. Boyle helms English and Spanish commercials targeted toward at-risk parents

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Optimus and Richards/Carlberg teamed with Director Danny J. Boyle to create eight spots for UTHealth highlighting the fact that 80 percent of a child’s brain development occurs between birth and age four. Cut by Optimus Managing Editor Jim Staskauskas and Editor Hovig Menakian, the spots, which target at-risk parents, are airing now throughout Texas.

The commercials feature parents engaging with their babies, but in the blink of an eye the babies are replaced by the grown-up version of the child – thanking the parent for taking important measures to help develop their brain. The parents are thanked for doing things such as regularly talking to them, responding to their signals, watching for signs of delays, playing with them, selecting quality childcare and scheduling around their needs. The goal is to present crucial information about a child’s brain development in a fun, non-threatening way.

“What really struck a chord with test audiences was the future child thanking the parent for all she did for him,” said Gayl Carlberg, Richards/Carlberg. “This enabled us to deliver important messages without talking down to parents. However, shooting footage of babies and children has its own challenges. Danny and the team at Optimus did such a great job directing and editing these spots. They worked seamlessly together, finding the moments that made the most sense, resulting in this memorable campaign.”

Each spot also includes a fun reveal from the future, such as a child apologizing for dropping his dad’s phone in the toilet at age nine or a girl asking her mom to “let it go” when she dyes her hair purple at twelve. Six unique spots are included in the campaign, and two also were done in Spanish.

“The great things about these spots was the fact that they took heavy copy and delivered it in a lighthearted, clever way,” said Boyle. “We had so much fun starting with babies, turning them into young adults, and then turning them back into babies again. Optimus did a smashing job editing the spots and finding the perfect nuggets from the footage to bring it all together.”

“The campaigns were so well thought out – instead of proselytizing about what parents should do, they show future kids expressing thanks,” said Staskauskas. “Danny did a great job getting great footage of the children, which can be difficult. The eight spots were shot in three days, and we cut for two weeks. The whole process went really smoothly, thanks to great collaboration between Richards/Carlberg, Danny and our team.”

To view the spots, please visit http://bit.ly/1b1hjp1.

Credits follow:

Client: UT Health Science Center, Houston

Program Manager: Don Titcombe, Children’s Learning Institute

Agency: Richards/Carlberg

Principal/Creative Director: Gayl Carlberg

Art Director: Nick Munoz

Copywriter: Josh Powers

Brand Management: Lynda Boydstun-Nielsen

Broadcast Producer: Mike Hulsey

Director: Danny J. Boyle

Editorial: Optimus

EP/Managing Director: Therese Hunsberger

Producer: Ashley Bartell

Managing Editor: Jim Staskauskas

Editor: Hovig Menakian

Assistant Editor: Katie Zaumseil

Colorist/Smoke Artist: Dan Swierenga

Audio: POP Sound

Sound Designer: Tim West

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