Outspoken Expands its Leading Mobile Marketing Platform to Support Apple Passbook

New Service Enables Brands to Send MMS and SMS Special Offers and Coupons for Direct Import to Apple Passbook

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Outspoken, the largest B2C mobile messaging company in the U.S., today announced the expansion of its mobile marketing platform to support Apple’s Passbook application. Outspoken’s clients will now be able to send passes, including coupons, gift cards, boarding passes and more, directly to their mobile customers via an MMS (multimedia) or SMS text message. Outspoken’s offering is the first end-to-end Passbook integration that uses SMS and MMS mobile messaging to deliver and import Passbook passes.

Passbook is a mobile application, available on all new and the majority of existing iPhones, that stores personal items like airline boarding passes, coupons, movie tickets, loyalty cards and gift cards, while also allowing users to access and redeem these passes from one location on their smartphone. Furthermore, Passbook is often customized by location, so the pass will dynamically open up on the device when a consumer arrives at the relevant location (i.e., a boarding pass will appear upon arrival at the airport). Convenience and simplicity have led Passbook to become one of the fastest growing mobile commerce applications, now ranked the fourth most popular commerce application on smartphones, according to Arbitron.

Historically, Passbook was only available to consumers who downloaded a merchant’s mobile application or received passes delivered via email, which has limited the reach of Passbook to typically only a fraction of a merchant’s overall customer base.

“Passbook’s rapid growth demonstrates that consumers want to receive valuable offers and store useful information, like boarding passes and loyalty cards, on their mobile devices,” explained James Citron, President of Outspoken. “Starting today, merchants can now reach all of their customers with Passbook offers because passes can now be delivered via Outspoken’s SMS and MMS messaging platform, which reaches 98 percent of United States consumers.”

Outspoken’s Passbook offering distinguishes itself from others in the market as it works via MMS and SMS messaging and across both iOS and non-iOS devices with Passbook wallet applications installed. The platform does not require a specific application download by a consumer. For brands, this provides the greatest reach of any Passbook offering in the market and a seamless way to integrate Passbook into existing mobile marketing campaigns.

“We are living in a digital era, where mobile coupons have a 10-to-1 redemption rate over traditional coupons, and people lose interest with each extra click it takes to get the information they want,” Citron said. “Outspoken’s Passbook offering provides a streamlined experience for both brands and consumers alike, yielding increased mobile engagement and commerce for brands, and a simpler way for consumers to receive and access the information they care about.”

For more information, go to www.outspoken.com/passbook.

About Outspoken

Outspoken is the most experienced SMS and MMS messaging platform in the U.S., combining high-volume text message aggregation with a rich-media messaging platform that enables brands to engage with consumers via their mobile devices. As the original pioneer in mobile video and direct-carrier-connected aggregation, the company now powers the messaging campaigns for thousands of businesses that leverage its advanced platform to increase customer awareness, engagement and lifetime value. Outspoken is headquartered in Los Angeles and is backed by Silver Lake Sumeru.

For more information, visit www.outspoken.com.

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