Pace announces the availability of RDK compatible 'Elements' middleware platform and expands relationship with RDK Management, LLC

Founding RDK licensee Pace announces the availability of its Elements middleware platform fully integrated with the Reference Design Kit (RDK). Pace will be demonstrating its leadership position with RDK compatible middleware, hardware and system integration at The Cable Show 2014, April 29th - May 1st in Los Angeles, CA.

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LOS ANGELES, April 30, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- THE CABLE SHOW – Booth: 523 -- Pace (PIC.L), a leading global developer of technologies and products for PayTV and broadband service providers, today announces that its Elements middleware platform is now available with full RDK compatibility. Elements is based on open source components and supports the design, delivery and management of digital content and services into and around the home.

Pace has been at the forefront of RDK-based product development from the beginning, working in partnership with Comcast and other operators on RDK product roll-outs across North America. Having shipped over 3 million RDK compliant devices in the United States alone, Pace is now actively working with other RDK partners and operators in deploying, trialing and developing solutions in the Americas and around the world. The Company is planning to expand into DVB markets with RDK product deployments in partnership with other major MSOs such as Liberty Global.

Pace also expanded its relationship with RDK Management, LLC by signing up to the RDK Advanced Support Program (ASP) and Media Sponsorship Program (MSP). The RDK Advanced Support Program provides access to a suite of development tools, testing platforms, advanced training, testing frameworks, and more. The MSP enables enhanced communications between Pace, RDK Management, LLC, and the other RDK stakeholders. 

"It's great to see Pace expanding its role as a key member of the RDK community, their expertise across hardware and software has been an integral part of evolving the RDK," said Steve Heeb, President and General Manager of RDK Management, LLC.

Jonathan Cobb, President of Pace Software & Services, added, "Pace is in a unique position to deliver and advise operators on RDK compatible hardware, software and also the necessary system integration to wrap everything into a single solution. Our unrivalled experience helps operators around the world deploy RDK-based solutions to create cost-effective and compelling video delivery solutions. We will continue to build momentum behind the RDK program as more Pace devices with Pace's RDK compatible Elements middleware deploy globally." 

About Pace:
Pace (PIC.L) creates technologies, software, hardware and services for the broadcast and broadband industries. Pace solutions empower cable, telco and satellite operators to simply and cost-effectively innovate at the speed they want, in the way they want for their subscribers. Pace has built up its experience and expertise over 30 years and this is recognized by a customer base of over 160 operators around the globe.
Headquartered in the UK, Pace operates in markets across the world, and employs around 2300 people in locations that also include the USA, France, India and China.

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