People Are Furious Over SimCity Server Outages

Kirsten Acuna
March 7, 2013

People can't play the hot new SimCity game and it's causing an uproar.

Server issues have prevented gamers from playing the game, which can only be played when connected to the Internet.

Though EA and Maxis  have taken measures to fix the problems , the game still isn't working properly.

As a result, Amazon has suspended all digital orders of the game on its site after reviews were at one star. (You can still purchase the boxed version of the game.) 

In response to the server delays, save problems, and glitches people started airing frustrations on Reddit and EA forums

Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe has been taking shots at SimCity all day on Twitter. If you're not following him, his feed's pretty hilarious.

Here's what others are saying about the SimCity catostrophe.


Someone even set up a mock review of the game that simply leads to a never-ending load screen. 

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