PeopleLinx Integrates Social Marketing Platform with Twitter

PeopleLinx Now Helps Employees Optimize Profiles, Build Relevant Networks and Share Curated Content on both LinkedIn and Twitter

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PHILADELPHIA, March 11, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- PeopleLinx, a provider of scalable social marketing and training solutions, announced that the company has expanded its platform to Twitter. With the ability to help employees manage profiles, networks and content sharing on both LinkedIn and Twitter, companies will now be able to extend their reach on the B2B world's most dominant social networks.

The Twitter integration came at the request of PeopleLinx's Fortune 500 customers and global brands that seek a competitive edge in social marketing.

"Most companies have corporate Twitter accounts for marketing or customer service. Now they want to take Twitter to the next level by empowering their employees," said Nathan Egan, CEO of PeopleLinx. "PeopleLinx already helps employees use LinkedIn to drive brand awareness, create opportunities, and measure social ROI. Now we're creating the same opportunity on Twitter."

PeopleLinx users can now draft and schedule Tweets directly from the platform, and marketing departments can curate a selection of blog posts, videos, infographics for employees to share on Twitter, LinkedIn or both channels. Using PeopleLinx analytics on shares, likes, comments, re-tweets and click-through rates and other data, marketers can also analyze the results and fine-tune their strategies to match the right content and messaging with the right network.

"To help employees create value on Twitter, companies need more than a policy. They need process, tools, and metrics. That's what PeopleLinx delivers," Egan said.

PeopleLinx customers will soon be able to define guidelines for their employee's Twitter profiles, just as they currently do on LinkedIn. PeopleLinx will automatically score profiles based on how well they meet guidelines and then give specific guidance on what employees need to change or improve. This feature will be particularly valuable for companies that want employees to use branded Twitter profiles.

In addition, PeopleLinx will extend networking guidance and gamification to Twitter. The platform will guide employees to target the right companies, industries and job titles on Twitter, just as it does on LinkedIn. PeopleLinx's gamification tool will also score employees on their Twitter profile, following and content sharing. The scoring algorithm will soon incorporate Twitter replies, re-tweets, click-through rates and more. 

In 2013, PeopleLinx welcomed 40 new brands to the platform and achieved 10-fold growth in users. The volume of content posted on LinkedIn via the PeopleLinx platform is doubling every month. The Twitter integration will help PeopleLinx customers bolster this significant growth in content sharing and visibility.

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About PeopleLinx

PeopleLinx turns employees into social marketers. Founded in 2009 by early LinkedIn employees, PeopleLinx gamifies best practices for LinkedIn and Twitter. Our cloud-based solution helps employees optimize their profiles, build relevant networks, and engage their connections with targeted content. Customers include Fortune 500 leaders in banking, insurance, legal, high-tech, and professional services.


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