Philips Pocket Memo 8000: The New Reference in Mobile Dictation

Philips Pocket Memo digital dictation recorder 8000 received highest Nuance “Dragon Score” ranking and excellent media reviews

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With the new Pocket Memo digital dictation recorder, Philips reshapes the world of professional dictation. The Philips Pocket Memo series come with an ultra-durable and robust stainless steel case and an extra-large color display. A totally new 3-D microphone system provides a 360° sound pickup for optimum recording. Thanks to a built-in gyroscope, the Pocket Memo 8000 automatically switches between conference mode and dictation mode, depending on the position of the recorder. For those who prefer tape-based recorders, the unique Classic mode displays an animation of a Philips mini cassette and behaves exactly like an analog dictation recorder, making the Pocket Memo a digital tape recorder.

Philips Pocket Memo receives highest ranking from Nuance and excellent reviews

After its launch this year, publications have been quick to acknowledge the outstanding quality of the microphone system while also praising the visual design, ergonomics, the device’s short boot-up time as well as the energy efficiency of the Pocket Memo 8000 series. Dr. Michael Spehr of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung states: “All in all the Philips Pocket Memo is our new reference device. Battery life, display, and microphone technology tip the scales.”

The new Philips Pocket Memo has received top reviews from leading publications, both for its design and usability and for its technical performance. FACTS Magazine (August, 2013) have tested the product and concluded: “Philips is offering a stylish digital recorder with many useful functions for an affordable price. The quality of speech is suitable both for recording conversations and for using speech recognition software. And the FACTS staff were also unanimous about usability: Fantastic!” Nuance has confirmed this in September, by awarding the device with six dragons, their highest rating for speech recognition accuracy. states: “Highest NaturallySpeaking transcription accuracy of any digital recorder. Best docking station in the industry. Fastest boot time of any transcription digital recorder.”

Direct file upload via WiFi for even faster turnaround time

To further complement the new device, Speech Processing Solutions have now launched its innovative Philips WLAN adapter. It can be used to instantly send files from the dictation recorder to the transcriptionist or speech recognition. This seamless and simple direct wireless file upload reduces turnaround times without compromising on security: end-to-end encryption and secure FTP transfer as well as wireless industry-standard security features ensure that sensitive information remains confidential. Going from voice to text has never been easier.

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