New Pinklejinx Keepsake Kit Brings JOY to Kids' Birthdays

Kit brings story alive to create birthday memories and a rich family tradition

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Not since Santa, the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy has there been such a cherished fabled character with the ability to engage a child’s imagination and build anticipation for a special day … until now. Announcing Joy, the Birthday Fairy, whose magical tale comes to life through the new Pinklejinx Birthday Keepsake Kit.

Pinklejinx brings Joy to birthdays™ with the cleverly designed and easy to use Birthday Keepsake Kit. Each kit is packed with all the special “ingredients” you need to create extraordinary birthday celebrations, treasured family traditions and memories that will last a lifetime. The Pinklejinx Birthday Keepsake Kit includes:

  • Storybook – The Pinklejinx hardcover storybook, weaves a tale of Joy, a spunky little birthday fairy with a big job, to decorate the homes of boys and girls for their birthday. The book will engage your child’s imagination and build excitement as your child eagerly awaits the arrival of Joy and her treasured kit of birthday keepsake pieces.
  • Dinnerware Collection - Your child will marvel at his or her very own birthday place setting. Create a place of honor for that special birthday boy or girl with the complete dinnerware collection by Pinklejinx. Each piece is artistically designed and made of high quality materials to delight and entertain your child year after year. The dinnerware collection includes:
    • 10-inch dinner plate
    • 7-inch cake plate
    • Pedestal bowl
    • Drinking cup
    • Birthday candle-shaped spoon and fork
    • Pinklejinx placemat
  • Crown –Made of soft velvety fabric and high-quality stitching, this crown will bring out the joy in every birthday child. Made for comfort and fun, don’t be surprised if your little one wants to wear their crowns for days after the celebration.
  • Chair Cover -The embroidered “Make Your Wish” chair cover, complete with tie-back ribbons and pom-poms, turns your child’s birthday seat into a festive place of honor.
  • Banner - The brightly colored, felt, pennant-shaped banner shouts out “Happy Birthday” all day long.
  • Pinklejinx Sprinkles – Just like Joy, your child will want to close their eyes and shake these colorful, delicious, magical sprinkles on their breakfast food and make that first birthday wish of the day!
  • Keepsake Box – Beautifully decorated, this sturdy box safely stores all your birthday keepsake pieces for many years to come.

“A child views their birthday as one of the most important and anticipated days of the year,” said Tish Dahlby, author of Pinklejinx. “And parents want to mark this special day in a fun and memorable way. However, with busy schedules; it can be really difficult to find the time and energy to create that special celebration that your child will cherish. I designed the Pinklejinx Birthday Keepsake Kit to give parents an easy and fun way to celebrate and commemorate birthdays, year after year. You don’t have to go over the top to make your child feel special on their birthday; it’s the magic and the tradition of the day that your child will remember. Now parents can easily create that feeling of magic and tradition, with a little help from Pinklejinx and Joy, the Birthday Fairy.”

The Pinklejinx Birthday Keepsake Kit is available for only $79.95 at specialty retail stores or online at A Pinklejinx Gift Set is also available for only $24.95, which includes the magical Pinklejinx sprinkles, hardcover storybook, birthday plate and matching cup.

Start your own cherished family birthday tradition today. Pinklejinx makes it simple and fun. For more information, call 1-800-382-1217 or visit

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