PointRF’s NoWander Platform Helps Queens Center Provide a Safe, Yet Home-Like Facility

Active RFID-based system for residents & staff eliminates alarm fatigue and lockdowns while delivering greater safety for residents and providing visibility into resident & staff behaviors

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PointRF Solutions LLC (PointRF), a leading provider of safety, security and business intelligence solutions for the healthcare industry, today announced that Queens Center For Rehabilitation and Residential Healthcare (Queens Center), a member of Centers for Specialty Care Group, has implemented PointRF’s NoWander Platform. The 179-bed facility in Queens, N.Y., which provides residents a home-like environment, needed a comprehensive resident and staff management solution to ensure safety and compliance without relying on unnecessary lockdowns. With the NoWander Platform, Queens Center generates real-time data to help staff solve patient issues quickly and discreetly, and raise alarms when circumstances warrant it.

The NoWander Platform maximizes safety and security by leveraging PointRF’s dynamic positioning system technology to maintain continuous sub-room-level location and activity statistics of staff, residents, and assets. At Queens Center, residents wear PointRF radio frequency identification (RFID) wristbands that include personalized profiles and building permissions to ensure safety and monitoring by nursing staff from anywhere in the building. The platform enhances the quality of life and dignity for residents by avoiding unwarranted alarms, which are unsettling to residents and can lead to staff alarm fatigue. Facilities, including Queens Center, rely on the NoWander Platform to alert staff quickly and quietly to potential issues.

“PointRF understands the nature of nursing, and its technology delivers the protection our employees and residents need, without impacting the home-like environment that makes Queens Center attractive to residents and their families,” said Dan Muskin of Queens Center For Rehabilitation and Residential Healthcare. “Switching to PointRF has been a significant upgrade in terms of safety, security and respect for patient dignity.”

Previously, Queens Center relied on a disjointed security system that did not cater to the specific needs of each resident, ensure staff accountability, or provide visibility into resident and staff behaviors. Now, Queens Center uses the NoWander Platform to identify patterns and elevate needs more quickly to operate at peak efficiency and ensure resident protection and satisfaction.

“In the long-term care field, one system failure can not only destroy a facility’s compliance, but it can also threaten patient health and well-being,” said Richard Bauer, CEO and President of PointRF Solutions LLC. “The NoWander Platform empowers our customers to maintain the safety and self-esteem of residents who are prone to wandering, without resorting to obtrusive, restrictive measures.”

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About PointRF Solutions LLC.

PointRF™ Solutions LLC is a leading provider of real-time location services (RTLS) and business intelligence solutions. Deploying patent-pending technology, our NoWander® Platform sets a new standard for the way institutions integrate location services along with safety, security and business intelligence technologies into everyday processes, enabling better management, assessment, care and ultimately prediction of the behavior of all individuals and assets. For more information, visit www.www.pointrf.com

About Queens Center For Rehabilitation and Residential Healthcare

Queens Center For Rehabilitation and Residential Healthcare is a 179-bed rehabilitation and skilled nursing facility located in residential Whitestone, Queens. Their size enables a warm, nurturing environment, which allows each resident to maintain his or her individuality. Queens Center's staff is committed to ensuring the highest quality of life of all their residents, by maintaining each resident’s dignity and independence. For more information about Queens Center For Rehabilitation and Residential Healthcare and their available services please visit www.QueensCenter.net

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