Police beat and detain protesters after opposition rally in Baku


BAKU, Oct 12 (Reuters) - Police beat and detaineddemonstrators after an opposition rally on Saturday in Baku,capital of the oil-rich ex-Soviet republic of Azerbaijan.

Several thousand people had gathered in a stadium on theoutskirts of the city to protest against alleged electoralviolations during a presidential election which returnedPresident Ilham Aliyev to office.

Although the rally had been officially approved byauthorities, a Reuters witness saw some participants beaten andarrested by police. One man was led away with his head coveredin blood.

Interfax-Azerbaijan reported that around 10 people werearrested. Reuters was unable to confirm the number.

Aliyev was re-elected for a third five-year term on October9, with 85 percent of the vote according to the official count,in an election that many said was a foregoneconclusion.

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