Pono Asset Management re-launches their real estate website www.therrd.com to create a one stop shop for the real estate and insurance industries.

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LOS ANGELES, May 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Pono Asset Management www.ponoam.com,  a holding company founded by two Los Angeles based Real Estate Entrepreneurs, Joe Killinger and George Pino, has announced the re-launch of their real estate and insurance services website, www.theRRD.com,  with several new features in an effort to create a one-stop-shop for all real estate and insurance needs. The RRD was originally a national credit reporting agency specializing in rental properties and tenant screening, but has since expanded to become a national website exclusively for real estate and insurance professionals.  The expansion of the site was to address their client's needs and requests. In addition to tenant screening services, these professionals can now also: post and find jobs; find and refer Vendors; find and refer property management companies; find insurance for their renters, their properties, or for their business; and screen prospective employees, along with many other features.  Combining all of these services in one location will not only save companies hours each week, but will also allow managers and executives to monitor many aspects of their investments just by looking at their dashboard online. 

George Pino, CFO of Pono Asset Management, said, " …I believe everyone in the real estate and insurance industries will be able to utilize both the current and upcoming tools that The RRD has to offer, with time and money playing an integral part of business, our goal is to be able to save our clients plenty of both…"

Pono Asset Management is a long term holding company that is focused on creating and acquiring companies that have a likeminded mission of generating a viable business while giving back to the communities they operate in.  Pono Asset Management is a strong believer in creating value for its ownership  while giving back to the communities they work in.  They look to promote the community spirit through their companies while generating increased income through their double bottom line approach of socially conscience investments.  It is Pono's belief that by working together with the community they can accomplish more and have better input, thereby achieving better results.


George Pino – C.F.O.

11755 Wilshire Blvd Suite 2380

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