Presenting Goodie Goodie, an App that Motivates Kids to do More than Just Chores

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Reaching goals, doing chores, being well-behaved, and helping out in and out of the home can finally be cool and empowering for kids, tweens, and teens thanks to Goodie Goodie app. Goodie Goodie gives kids a sense of pride and accomplishment -- the most powerful motivation a parent can gift their kid. Available on iOS and Android, Goodie Goodie ( is a family goal, task, and chore app that allows parents to assign “G Missions” and kids to earn points and rewards by completing them.

Parents create “G Missions,” which can be goals, tasks, chores, behaviors, or anything else that needs motivating, and sync them to their kids’ iOS or Android devices (Goodie Goodie is cross-compatible). The kids earn points, redeemable for rewards, each time a “G Mission” is completed and approved. As kids collect points, they’re stored as candies in a Goodie Bag that respond to the motion of the device. Points can then be spent on parent-created rewards or eGift cards to their favorite brands (over 47 popular brands like GameStop, American Eagle Outfitters, and Build-a-Bear), delivered instantly in-app. Kids get spending empowerment, and parents don’t have to keep track of allowance.

Developed by mother of three Elanna Lozow, experts in kids’ entertainment Arthur Gradstein (“iCarly”) and Shayna Rose (“The Fresh Beat Band”), and organization expert, author and founder of the O.C.D. Experience, Justin Klosky, the app is rewarding and exciting for kids, quick and intuitive for parents. Parents can finally ditch the paper chore charts and reward charts.

In line with its goal of motivating a generation to be more constructive and productive, Goodie Goodie donates a portion of the proceeds from eGift card sales to, the country’s largest non-profit supporting young people and social change.

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About Goodie Goodie:

Goodie Goodie is a free–to-download family application for iOS and Android, used to motivate and encourage kids to reach goals, accomplish tasks, do chores, and exhibit good behavior, cementing positive future habits. It’s free to use other than eGift cards bought as optional rewards, plus a $1 convenience fee per card. Users can also create their own rewards and pay nothing! Goodie Goodie appeals to teens and tweens, as well as kids as young as 5.

Goodie Goodie
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