PRESS DIGEST- Canada - Nov 19


Nov 19 (Reuters) - The following are the top stories fromselected Canadian newspapers. Reuters has not verified thesestories and does not vouch for their accuracy.


* Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper's office is wadinginto the Rob Ford saga, avoiding specifics but calling therecent "allegations" against the Toronto mayor "troubling." ()

* Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi will not back down in the faceof a $6 million defamation suit. On Monday, Nenshi responded toa suit filed by developer Cal Wenzel who was secretly recordedlast year discussing a plan to defeat members of city council inthe recent October election. ()

Reports in the business section:

* Kevin Crull, president of Bell Media, acknowledged thatbig TV bundles have become a "hot-button issue" for consumers,but warns there could be "unintended consequences" if Ottawaforces TV distributors to make dramatic changes to theirbusiness models. ()

* The consortium of multinationals that controls Ontario'sbeer retailing has published a study that suggests they are notmaking windfall profits because of prices that are sharplyhigher than in Quebec. ()


* Toronto council took unprecedented steps to neuter RobFord's mayoralty during another astonishing meeting that saw himget into a screaming match with residents. ()

* Canada's budget watchdog is asking MPs to get to thebottom of why the Harper government is spending billions lessthan it budgets for, or Parliament authorizes. ()


* With just a few moves, Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd has turned up the fire under Canada's tepid casualdining market. Fairfax's purchase of a 51 percent stake in KegRestaurants Ltd on Monday comes just weeks after the Torontoinvestment firm bought a minority interest in Swiss Chalet ownerCara to spur a merger with its own Prime Restaurants. ()

* The Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan took a big bite of oneof the United Kingdom's major biscuit makers on Monday, buyingthe iconic Burton's Biscuit Company which produces the brandsWagon Wheels, Jammie Dodgers, and Cadbury Fingers under licence.

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