PRESS DIGEST- Canada-Oct 29


Oct 29 (Reuters) - The following are the top stories fromselected Canadian newspapers. Reuters has not verified thesestories and does not vouch for their accuracy.


* Canadian Senator Mike Duffy says staff in the office ofPrime Minister Stephen Harper arranged for a Conservative Partylawyer to cover his legal fees - a payment that was in additionto the cheque for C$90,000 that Harper's former chief of staffwrote to foot the bill for Duffy's improperly claimed expenses.()

* The world's first Bitcoin ATM goes live on Tuesday - andit will be installed inside a downtown Vancouver coffee shop.Mitchell Demeter, co-founder of the Vancouver-based storeBitcoiniacs, is the man behind the automated teller machine'sarrival. ()

Reports in the business section:

* Private-sector economists are pressing Canadian FinanceMinister Jim Flaherty to keep a closer eye on Canada's housingmarket in light of persistently low interest rates. ()

* The head of Canada's wireless lobby group, Bernard Lord,says unneeded regulation and a lack of available spectrum isjeopardizing the country's status as a place with the fastestnetworks in the world. ()


* Another increase in median wait times for medicaltreatment despite fast-growing public healthcare spending meansCanada should look abroad for alternative ways of deliveringuniversal healthcare with private options, say the authors of anew report. ()

* A 71-year-old Iranian-born man with a legally altered namefaces three criminal charges in connection with an allegedattempt to bring explosive material onto an airplane. He wascharged on Monday over the incident, which paralyzed Montreal'smain airport on Sunday for several hours and caused aneighborhood to be shut down for a police search. ()


* The Canadian government has no plans for now to clamp downon the housing market even though prices are rising again,Finance Minister Jim Flaherty said on Monday, but he pledged toinvestigate whether the price uptick looks to be more thantemporary. ()

* Canada's oil and gas industry is "losing the war" againstanti-hydrocarbon activism as the balance of power tilts in favorof project opponents, says the head of Quebec's Oil and GasAssociation. ()

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