PRESS DIGEST - Ireland - Oct 4


These are some of the leading stories in Ireland's newspapers onFriday. Reuters has not verified these stories and cannot vouchfor their accuracy:


- An Post and UK operator, Camelot, have won the licence torun the National Lottery under a new 20-year contract that willallow for a greater shift into online gaming

- U.S. firms invested $129.5 billion in Ireland over thefive years to 2012, about 14 times what the firms invest inChina, according to a new report from the American Chamber ofCommerce in Ireland

- The body that investigates complaints against policemembers has failed to secure unfettered access to the force'scomputer database despite flagging its concerns on the matter ina recent high-profile case


- Technology giant Intel has picked Ireland todesign its next major chip processor line ahead of Israel,Malaysia and the United States

- Bank of Ireland has bowed to pressure and will reduce whatit charges distressed mortgage holders on one of its keylong-term solutions for those in arrears

- Under plans being considered by the government, bailed-outbanks may be allowed to use more of the financial losses run upin the crash to reduce their tax bills in future


- Banks have been forced to pay 25 million euros ($34million) back to customers wrongly sold payment protection plansand have been warned that they face further heavy losses.

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