PRESS DIGEST - Wall Street Journal - Nov 8


Nov 8 (Reuters) - The following are the top stories in theWall Street Journal. Reuters has not verified these stories anddoes not vouch for their accuracy.

* Iran and world powers expect to announce an initial dealas early as Friday to curb Tehran's nuclear program in exchangefor an easing of sanctions, a step that would mark the firstbreakthrough in a decade. ()

* The FDA ruled for the first time that trans fats aren'tgenerally considered safe in food, a sharp policy shift thatcould lead to banning them in baked goods and other foods. ()

* Thousands of middle-class Syrians are trying to get toEurope's northern countries to seek asylum, but many refugeesare stuck in the continent's south. ()

* Twitter shares launched without incidentThursday, skirting the troubles that plagued rival Facebook in its debut last year and delivering the kind of hefty"pop" that investors in initial public offerings covet. ()

* Exports rebounded sharply in October from a Septemberslump, in a potentially positive sign for the global economicoutlook. ()

* Senators will press Janet Yellen on a number of issuesduring a confirmation hearing on her nomination to lead the Fed,but one likely topic is a matter over which she has no control:a key vacancy on the Fed board. ()

* The European Central Bank's action reflects heightenedworries in Europe that dangerously low inflation threatens theregion's tepid economic recovery. ()

* Gross domestic product grew at an annual rate of 2.8percent in the third quarter, which was higher than economistsexpected, but consumer caution and political friction could be adrag in the coming months. ()

* Goldman Sachs Group Inc is known as Wall Street'ssmartest trading firm, but a dismal third quarter has raisedquestions on whether the firm needs to take bold steps to rightthe ship. ()

* Fairfax Financial said its partners in a $1billion investment in smartphone maker BlackBerry include a Qatar-based sovereign wealth fund and several Canadianinvestment funds. ()

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