PRESS DIGEST - Wall Street Journal - Oct 30


Oct 30 (Reuters) - The following are the top stories in theWall Street Journal. Reuters has not verified these stories anddoes not vouch for their accuracy.

* U.S. officials said electronic spying that ignited apolitical firestorm in France and Spain recently was carried outby their own intelligence services and not by the NSA. The phonerecords were shared with the U.S. ()

* Problems surrounding the launch of the federal health-carelaw broadened, as concerns that thousands of Americans aregetting insurance-cancellation notices bubbled over at a hearingon Capitol Hill. ()

* SAC Capital will plead guilty to securities fraud as partof a landmark criminal insider-trading settlement with federalprosecutors set to be announced by next week. ()

* Dutch lender Rabobank agreed to pay $1.07 billion tosettle accusations that it skewed key financial benchmarks andits chief executive resigned, the latest casualty of a globalinterest-rate-rigging scandal. ()

* A multibillion-dollar settlement between JPMorgan Chase and the U.S. over soured mortgage bonds is at risk ofcollapsing because of disagreements related to a criminal probeof the bank and its effort to get penalties reimbursed by agovernment-controlled fund, according to people familiar withthe discussions. ()

* Operators of U.S. truck fleets are accelerating a shift tonatural gas fueled trucks, betting on new engines that promiseto drop the cost of shifting from diesel fuel. ()

* BlackBerry Ltd executives flew to California tomeet with Facebook Inc last week to gauge its interest ina potential bid for the struggling smartphone maker, accordingto people familiar with the matter. ()

* Google Inc's smartwatch is in late-stagedevelopment and the company is in talks with Asian suppliers tobegin mass production of the device, people familiar with thematter said. ()

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