PRESS DIGEST - Wall Street Journal - Nov 15


Nov 15 (Reuters) - The following are the top stories in theWall Street Journal. Reuters has not verified these stories anddoes not vouch for their accuracy.

* The White House announced a plan to allow insurancecompanies to continue offering existing policies next year evenif they fall short of standards set by the health law. ()

* Insurers expressed a range of worries after Obama moved toplacate consumers who faced health-plan cancellations. ()

* Federal Reserve Vice Chairwoman Janet Yellen signaledThursday that no big changes would come to the central bankunder her leadership if she becomes its next chief. ()

* The Central Intelligence Agency is building a vastdatabase of international money transfers that includes millionsof Americans' financial and personal data, such as SocialSecurity numbers, officials familiar with the program say. ()

* Big U.S. computer and software companies are reporting asudden chill in sales to China, and some blame increasedgovernment hostility toward the U.S. ()

* Jefferson County, Alabama, is planning a $1.7 billion debtsale next week, challenging the market maxim that a bankruptcyfiling leaves a permanent stain on municipal-bond issuers. ()

* Switzerland will vote next week on a proposal limitingexecutive pay to 12 times that of a company's lowest paidworker, the second time this year the country will use theballot box in an attempt to rein in corporate compensation. ()

* Wal-Mart offered little reason for holiday cheer,reporting its third straight quarter of poor sales in the U.S.and painting a gloomy picture for the economic recovery. ()

* UBS AG says it has long since finishedrestructuring its investment-banking arm. Behind the scenes,though, the Swiss bank recently toyed with potentiallyfar-reaching alternatives for the unit. ()

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