PRESS DIGEST - Wall Street Journal - Nov 14


Nov 14 (Reuters) - The following are the top stories in theWall Street Journal. Reuters has not verified these stories anddoes not vouch for their accuracy.

* The government's antitrust settlement with AMR Corp and US Airways Group Inc sets up what may bethe last big land grab at major airports for some time, as theplanned merger cements a new structure for the industry after adecade of bankruptcies and consolidation. ()

* In a sign of the fervor once again rising around Internetstartups, the 23-year-old CEO of a two-year-old company with norevenue has rejected a $3 billion buyout offer from Facebook. Snapchat Inc is being wooed by other investors andpotential acquirers. Chinese Internet giant Tencent Holdings Ltd had offered to lead an investment that would valueSnapchat at $4 billion. ()

* Boeing's largest union rejected an eight-yearcontract that would have guaranteed the plane maker's updatedlong-range 777X jetliner and its wings would be built inunionized facilities in Puget Sound. ()

* Crocs, famous for its colorful plastic clogs, isconsidering going private, its sales and stock price off theirpeaks. ()

* Business owners throughout the U.S. used-smartphone marketare reporting they suddenly cannot unlock old Apple iPhones. None of them knows exactly what changed, but AT&T seems to be at the center of it. ()

* The nation's railroads are asking safety regulators torequire that all existing tank cars that carry crude oil,ethanol and other flammable liquids be modified or upgraded tobetter withstand accidents or be "aggressively" phased out ofservice. ()

* KKR and Google have struck a pact toinvest about $400 million in six solar power plants being builtby Recurrent Energy in California and Arizona, according topeople familiar with the matter. ()

* With thousands of debt-laden new lawyers entering themarket at a time when plum jobs at big firms are in shortsupply, the influential New York City Bar Association is tryingout some alternatives. ()

* Fairholme Capital Management said it wants to buy parts ofbailed-out mortgage-finance giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Macfrom the government in a recapitalization valued at $52 billion.()

* Sotheby's sold a silvery Andy Warhol diptych of aman slumped amid his crumpled car, "Silver Car Crash (DoubleDisaster)," for $105.4 million, an auction high for the Popartist. ()

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