PriceGrabber Reveals Father's Day Survey Results

Fifty-percent of consumers plan to budget less than $100 on gifts

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LOS ANGELES, June 13, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- PriceGrabber, a leading online shopping site and ecommerce platform, today released results of its Father's Day shopping survey. Results reveal that half of consumers plan to budget less than $100 on gifts this year and 25 percent plan to spend between $100 and $249. Conducted from May 9 – May 28, 2014, the survey includes responses from 3,949 U.S. online shopping consumers.

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Clothing and accessories top Father's Day shopping lists
When shoppers were asked to select all the types of gifts they plan to purchase for Father's Day, the clothing and accessories category ranked as the most popular choice at 28 percent. This was followed by 25 percent who said that their gift would be spending quality time with Dad. Gift cards ranked third at 22 percent followed by practical gifts such as tools, auto accessories and appliances at 21 percent.

According to the survey, 18 percent are planning to shop for a tech-type gift such as a computer, tablet or smartphone for dad. When shoppers were asked to select all the tech-type gifts they plan to shop for, tablets were the top choice again this year at 34 percent followed by smartphones at 32 percent and laptop computers at 29 percent.

PriceGrabber also asked Father's what they would prefer to receive as a gift this year and 35 percent indicated they would love to just spend time with their family. The second most popular choice was gift cards at 27 percent, followed by practical gifts at 23 percent. Clothing and accessories ranked fourth at 20 percent.

Most consumers plan to buy Father's Day gifts online, one week prior
When consumers were asked how they plan to purchase their Father's Day gifts this year, 57 percent indicated they would buy from online stores, with 48 percent of those who will purchase from a computer, 6 percent who will buy from an electronic tablet and 3 percent who said they would shop from their mobile phone. When shoppers were asked when they plan to buy their gift, 30 percent said one week earlier and 27 percent said two weeks prior.

Free shipping sways shoppers to purchase
When consumers were asked to select all of the retailer tactics that will entice them to buy a product or a service for Father's Day, 57 percent said free shipping. The second most attractive retailer tactic was price cuts at 46 percent followed by sales at 41 percent, coupons at 40 percent, and "a limited quantity of the product available" at 3 percent. According to the survey data, some 18 percent of shoppers believe they will not be influenced by retailer tactics.

Mother's Day vs. Father's Day
When comparing Mother's Day to Father's Day, survey results indicate what is most important to both parents – quality time with the family. Mothers and Fathers were asked what they prefer to receive as a gift and both chose gift cards over a hand-picked present. One of the biggest differences in the surveys revealed that mothers prefer flowers and jewelry while fathers hope for a practical gift. While about half of shoppers planned to budget less than $100 on gifts, consumers shopping for Father's Day planned to spend more, with 10 percent who budgeted $250 - $499 on Dad compared to 6 percent who budgeted the same amount on Mom.

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