Pro Bono Seminar for Johnston County Residents Affected by Protested Highway 70 Expansion

Despite previous protests, the NCDOT plans to turn U.S. 70 into a freeway from Raleigh to Beaufort. In response, two former NCDOT attorneys are offering a pro bono seminar for the 40+ property owners in Pine Level and the surrounding areas who will lose their land.

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DURHAM, N.C., Oct. 30, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- In 2008, leaders in Pine Level, Wilson's Mills and Princeton met to discuss their concerns over the North Carolina Department of Transportation's plans to turn U.S. 70 into freeway through those cities, according to Kenly News ("Super 70 Corridor calls to close Pine Level road crossings," Jan. 30, 2008)

"I've spoken to Congressman Bob Etheridge's office and they had no idea there was any opposition to the Super 70 Corridor," said Pine Level Commissioner Anthony Gudac. "If we voice enough opposition, federal funding might be pulled. We need to work in conjunction with Wilson's Mills and Princeton to see what we can do about this."

However, it appears that attempts to derail the project have been unsuccessful because property acquisition is currently underway to make room for the project, according to former NCDOT attorney Stan Abrams.

Abrams said that the current project plans will affect more than 40 properties and many property owners will probably receive initial offers that may be much too low.

"In a project like this, appraisers are often valuing many properties at once, under a time constraint, and may fail to recognize factors that make a property more valuable." Abrams said. "In my experience, the DOT is just trying to buy as many properties as quickly as possible while spending as little as they reasonably can."

Abrams' firm, the NC Eminent Domain Law Firm, is holding a pro bono seminar to review the project plans with property owners and give them advice on how they can negotiate for more for their specific property. The seminar will be held on Tuesday, November 5th from 7-9pm at the Hampton Inn in Selma.

Abrams and his colleague Jason Campbell, another former NCDOT attorney, will lead the seminar.

"Time and time again we saw property owners leaving money on the table when negotiating with the DOT or making a small mistake that cost them dearly in the end," Campbell said. "We've been studying this project in depth and we hope property owners will join us for the meeting."

For more information on the seminar, call the firm at 1-877-393-4990.

A division of the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin, the NC Eminent Domain Law Firm is dedicated solely to representing property owners throughout North Carolina, who may be impacted by eminent domain law. The NC Eminent Domain Law Firm is led by attorneys Stan Abrams and Jason Campbell, both of whom previously worked as Assistant Attorney Generals for the North Carolina Department of Justice in the Transportation Section, where they litigated condemnation cases for the NCDOT. They have over 20 years of combined experience working exclusively on eminent domain cases. The Law Offices of James Scott Farrin has the legal resources of 32 attorneys and is based in Durham, North Carolina, with offices throughout the state to serve its clients.

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