Profit Domination Author Says Forget New Year's Resolutions -- Plan a Revolution


TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Jan 7, 2013) - The author of a new book designed to teach and encourage women in business says making (and breaking) New Year''s resolutions won''t bring results, and that planning and persistence will drive you to profits.

Odette Laurie is the founder of Women on Top Business Coaching and a long-time successful entrepreneur. She just released her first book, Profit Domination - How Successful Women Get on Top and Stay There (201 rules for the road). She says the book is for every woman who ever had a dream and that it will "guide you, pull you, or shove you up that mountain of success."

"Resolutions don''t work," Laurie says. "But setting goals and committing to change does. The hardest part in anything we do is the beginning. If you need a new year to make a fresh start, go for it, but understand that a revolution takes time and doesn''t happen overnight on December 31st."

Like a hearty stew, Laurie''s book feeds the brain and the heart. Each bite is a single rule for the road, presented in a colourful, graphic, billboard style that''s easy to read and easy on the eyes. Laurie says that she initially submitted 101 rules to her graphic designer, but soon doubled the size of her book by adding 100 more. She says she''s lived the rules, and coaches her clients based on them, and wanted to share them with everyone who wants to elevate their business and life.

The messages are short, memorable, easy to chew on and digest, and include juicy bits like: marry confidence with a solid strategy; be the dog with the bone; know your numbers - all of them; and never deflect a compliment. Readers can pick up the book, open to any page, and quickly remind themselves that they can make money doing what they love. To see a clip of Laurie talking about her book, visit her vimeo site.

"It''s heartbreaking to me that people don''t get to achieve their dreams," Laurie says. "Every day, you can be one step closer to yours, but only if you take action."

Suzanne Evans is a business coach supporting more than 30,000 women enrolled in her programs. She says Laurie''s Profit Domination is about taking control of your money and business, not the other way around.

"There''s no hiding the truth in this book," she says. "It''s all up to you, so grab your business by the horns. You don''t get to ''hell yeah'' by waiting your turn."

Laurie''s own turn came after she rode enough ups and downs and twists and turns to qualify for roller coaster status, but she faced her fears and kicked her "buts" and kept going.

"I had a whole bunch of crappy reality thrown at me in a very short amount of time in 2011," she says. "I''m no different from anyone else. I just choose to surge ahead, choose to deal with my crap and move on."

Profit Domination is available via and And on Tuesday, January 8 at 7 p.m. EST, Laurie will host a free call (held monthly) for women who want to start 2013 on the right foot.

"Success is within the grasp of anyone willing to set goals, build a plan, and do the work. People keep talking about how passion brings success. I''m sorry, but working your butt off is what brings in the money. Yes, you need passion, but also persistence."

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