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  • Ten Signs Your Employee Might Be Jumping Ship
  • Achieving Engineering Literacy in Elementary Schools
  • Five Ways Business Should Be Exhibiting Transparency to Build Media Influence


  • Copy Editor – The Wall Street Journal (NY)
  • Reporter – Law360 (CA)
  • Education Reporter – Corpus Christi Caller-Times (TX)


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Ten Signs Your Employee Might Be Jumping Ship
Tim Gardner
Associate Professor
Utah State University
"You might think that someone who starts showing up to work late, failing to return phone calls and emails, and taking lots of sick days might be about to leave, but those weren't unique behaviors that applied only to the quitters. It appears that a person's attitude can create behaviors that are hard to disguise. As the grass starts to look greener on the other side of the fence to you, chances are that others will soon notice that you've lost your focus."
Gardner is a recognized expert on strategic human resource management, including aligning HR systems with firm strategy, employment branding, unorthodox sourcing and recruiting techniques, and retention. His career includes extensive experience in the human resources field for several U.S.-based companies. Those who are thinking about jumping ship and leaving their job may be giving off cues that others can pick up on, even if the would-be quitters think they are keeping their plans secret. Gardner, a Utah State University associate professor at the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business, has completed a study on voluntary turnover and submitted a paper now under review with a top academic publication. The findings may surprise those who think they can easily identify an employee who is about to move on to a new job.
Media Contact: Eric Warren,

Achieving Engineering Literacy in Elementary Schools
Christine Cunningham
Director of Engineering is Elementary
Museum of Science, Boston
Even as America celebrated "National Engineers Week" last week, Linda Rosen of Change the Equation announced in the Huffington Post that we face a national "engineering emergency." American schools are failing to provide equitable opportunities for all students. As a result, African-Americans and Latinos are the students least likely to pursue -- and reap the rewards – of a career in engineering. Says Dr. Cunningham: "Our vision is that *all* students should achieve engineering literacy. Our research suggests that all students can."
Dr. Cunningham is an educational researcher and vice president at the Museum of Science, Boston who can speak about educational strategies used with undeserved children in Arizona, North Carolina, and Maryland that help build 21st century skills -- skills that will enable these students to pursue a broad range of career choices, including engineering. She is the founder and director of Engineering is Elementary, a nationally disseminated award-winning curriculum for elementary students.
ProfNet Profile:
Media Contact: Cynthia Berger,

Five Ways Business Should Be Exhibiting Transparency to Build Media Influence
Scott Levy
CEO and President
Fuel Online
"The days of reclusive, faceless companies are disappearing. People want honesty in business and expect corporations of all sizes to provide transparency and authenticity. They also want to know the human beings behind the website, the logo, the commercials and the print ads."
Levy can provide five ways small businesses can exhibit transparency via their social media platforms. He is the CEO and President of Fuel Online; both he and his firm have been nominated as a 2014 Hubbies finalist. He was also recognized as a finalist for a 2014 Shorty Award for "Social Media's Best Business Influencer." He is the author of "Tweet Naked: A Bare-All Social Media Strategy for Boosting Your Brand and Your Business" (Entrepreneur Press 2014).
Media Contact: Vanessa Campos,



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