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  • Key Benefits to Having a Roth IRA
  • Non-Competes Factor Into Tech Relocations
  • Texas Businesses Affected by Records Ruling
  • Five Tips on Being a Successful Realtor to the Stars


  • Senior Editor - Ad Age (NY)
  • Lifestyles Writer/Editor - Houstonia Magazine (TX)
  • Assistant Managing Editor - SportsBusiness Daily (NC)


  • Insider Tips for Book Promotion
  • Grammar Hammer: 'I Could While Away the Hours'
  • Blog Profiles: Soccer Blogs


Key Benefits to Having a Roth IRA
Bijan Golkar, CFP
Vice President/Senior Advisor
FPC Investment Advisory, Inc.
In 2014, the income limit for Roth contributions is $129,000 for single filers and $191,000 for married couples filing jointly. For high-income earners who earn too much to contribute to a Roth IRA directly, the only method of getting new assets into a Roth IRA is to go in through the back door, opening traditional nondeductible IRAs, then converting those accounts to Roth IRAs. It's a way for higher-income folks to pay tax now in exchange for tax-free withdrawals of at least some of their assets during retirement. But the maneuver carries some important caveats, so it pays to stay attuned. Says Golkar: "Flexibility is one of the key benefits to having a Roth IRA. If you make direct contributions (that is, your entry point into a Roth isn't through converting), you can withdraw your contributions (but not your earnings) at any time without owing tax or a penalty."
Golkar has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, U.S. News & World Report, Yahoo Finance, The Fiscal Times, Bankrate and He is located in San Francisco.
ProfNet Profile:
Media Contact: Steve Garmhausen,

Non-Competes Factor Into Tech Relocations
Mark Shank
Gruber Hurst Johansen Hail Shank in Dallas
"The exodus of high-tech companies from states such as California is contributing to triple-digit increases in job growth in North Texas. But one underpublicized incentive for the relocations may be the stronger protections for corporate information that exist under Texas law. Such agreements typically prohibit a former employee's use of confidential information, the solicitation of former customers or employees, or other competitive activities for a specific period of time. However, California has followed the approach that restricting the use of non-compete agreements will actually foster competition and job growth among companies. Texas courts tend to view these agreements as necessary to protect a company's advantage in the marketplace. The difference in approach is stark. So if you own a California tech company, why wouldn't this legal standard to protect proprietary information be an important consideration in deciding whether to relocate?"
Media Contact: Barry Pound,

Texas Businesses Affected by Records Ruling
Kent Sullivan
Commercial Litigation
Sutherland Asbill & Brennan LLP in Houston
"The way Texas businesses manage their records may be affected by a recent Texas Supreme Court decision. The ruling reversed a $1 million jury verdict won by former professional football player Jerry Aldridge, who hurt his back when he fell 10 years ago in a Jacksonville, Texas, grocery. The store kept eight minutes of security video that showed the fall, but not a longer video clip requested by Aldridge's lawyer. The trial judge instructed jurors to decide whether the store should have known the full video could be relevant. In overturning the verdict, the high court said the trial court abused its discretion. At the same time, the justices outlined new guidance on records-keeping. This ruling has huge implications for most Texas businesses. They need to review their policies on automatic destruction of records. If there's a chance such records could be relevant in a lawsuit, destroying them could lead to sanctions from the court."
Sullivan is a longtime member of the State Bar of Texas Pattern Jury Charge Oversight Committee and also has served on the Bar's Spoliation Committee.
Media Contact: Kit Frieden,

Five Tips on Being a Successful Realtor to the Stars
Pej Barlavi
Barlavi Realty LLC
"Anonymity and confidentiality are the most important things. Don't tell anyone, especially the press, what celebrity/celebrities you're currently representing and where they are actively seeking a residence. Lose lips will kill your reputation, while silence will build your reputation as someone who can be trusted." Other tips: Don't presume that because you've seen celebrity on TV that you know who they are what they want. When actively seeking a residence for a celebrity, don't be starstruck. Be nice and feed their ego, but don't over-feed their ego. Be relaxed and be yourself; don't oversell yourself to them and don't brag about all your accomplishments.
For over 18 years, Barlavi has achieved significant success in both residential and commercial sales. He is very knowledgeable about the U.S. housing market and trends in real estate.

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Media Contact: Ryan McCormick,



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