[pros-pekt] Market Research & Consulting, LLC and Job Doctors International Announce Strategic Alliance

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Pros-pekt Market Research & Consulting, a retained executive search firm, and Job Doctors International™, a provider of Leadership and Governance Solutions, today announced they have entered into a strategic partnership. Through this agreement, [p]MRC and JDI will leverage their expertise in executive talent acquisition, corporate leadership and governance to provide more value by aligning the necessary functions crucial to their client’s human capital strategy.

“The ongoing market shift, reduced costs in technology and access to various candidate resources have closed the gap as they relate to talent strategy and acquisition; most executive search firms ignore this new reality and continue to command exuberant fees with little change in added value,” noted Steven Fernandez, Founder, [pros-pekt] Market Research & Consulting. “Our partnership with Job Doctors International enables our respective organizations to provide clients a more holistic value-driven solution from Corporate Governance to Talent Strategy and candidate outplacement/coaching. Executive search is just part of a much bigger picture and an opportunity to address challenges beyond the immediate need.”

Jim Villwock, Founder & CEO at Job Doctors International™, added, "One reason most companies fail or have issues is due to people problems. Job Doctors International™ addresses the strategic causes of leadership gaps at the C-Suite, Team, and Employee levels. When all three models are implemented, the results can dramatically improve a company's competitive focus and performance. One reason why companies implementing corporate governance still experience significant risk and repeated compliance failure is because their people often look at governance as merely a set of guidelines required by regulations rather than as what is needed for company success. Combining these approaches yields positive cash flow, higher profits, lower risks, and a culture of combining company and individual success."

About [pros-pekt] Market Research & Consulting

[pros-pekt] Market Research & Consulting is a retained executive search firm founded on the belief that clients deserve more value than the current market offers. The traditional executive search business model is evolving and our firm embraces this imminent shift.

[p]MRC helps clients attract the top-tier talent necessary to remain relevant in the market while driving growth and profitability.

Additional information may be found at www.pros-pekt.com | Twitter: @prospektMRC

Job Doctors International™ is a business advisory, consulting, and solution company committed to helping companies lower risk while increasing the ROI on their Human Investment. In an increasingly competitive and regulatory world, combining leadership and governance can differentiate companies and help them to compete for the future.

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Jim Villwock, 678-485-1687


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