Protext Mobility Provides Shareholders Update


Delray Beach, FL -- Protext Mobility (TXTM), a solutions developer of innovative and trusted applications to the mobile communications market today announced the issuance of a letter by Interim CEO Steve Berman, to update shareholders on company progress.

Deal Fellow & Valued Shareholders,

I am pleased to provide shareholders with this business summary update, and to discuss general plans for distribution and sales. Moving forward, our goal is to communicate regular progress to our stakeholders, and over the coming weeks we expect to provide additional details. As previously indicated, one of the most important attributes to my coming on board as Interim CEO was the heavy lifting has been completed in terms the technology platform and product development. Protext has built a unique mobile messaging platform in which multiple solutions have been developed for both the consumer space as well as the enterprise. The first set of solutions solves the following problems that both parents and employers face with their child/s, employees use of mobile technology: Distracted Driving, Bullying and Sexting. With these 3 epidemics on the rise, consumers are more educated than ever before and aware of the serious issues that can arise when mobile devices are used inappropriately, like texting while driving or Sexting in the work place or even worse, in the school yard. With a backdrop of heightened awareness through major news outlets and social media, our primary efforts are now focused on distribution and connecting the problem to a solution.

Our immediate-term goal of updating and re-Launching all company assets is near complete. While there is much to accomplish, we are making steady progress on various fronts. This includes updating all solutions to the very latest mobile Operating Systems for Android and BlackeBerry (version 10.0). We will be marketing our consumer solutions under FamilyMobileSafety, and enterprise solutions under CompliantWireless, with dedicated websites for each suite of applications. We will also have a standalone website for marketing of our DriveAlert solution which is targeted at distracted driving prevention.

With regards to business development, we are working diligently and focused on distribution efforts. There are multiple opportunities we’re pursuing including discussions with various owners of mobile retail stores. We believe this is a natural progression and we’re seeing strong interest among independent mobile retail store owners, based on three key elements we provide: 1) Satisfy a growing need, and increased consumer interest, in solutions to combat Distracted Driving as well as for Bullying & Sexting 2) Turnkey- Value Added Resellers Program with store owner revenue share participation 3) Monthly recurring revenue to their bottom line. We believe selling these types of solutions at point of sale where the consumer is most likely to make a purchase is an important path of distribution which remains generally underpenetrated.

We look forward to our next communication soon, and sincerely appreciate the interest and support of our stakeholders.


Steve Berman, Interim-CEO

About Protext Mobility, Inc.
Protext Mobility develops innovative applications and trusted solutions for the mobile communications market. Our offerings include premium services for mobile devices, providing consumer and business solutions’ to help manage mobile communications activities and curb device usage while driving a motor vehicle.

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