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  • Have you ever experienced the chest-rattling thrill of a NASCAR race up close and personal? There is a lot of effort involved before the green flag drops to start the race to make sure all of the vehicles comply with NASCAR rules, and—most importantly—that the vehicles are safe. The pre-race [...]

  • Michigan's Republican governor signed legislation on Tuesday that officially bans Tesla Motors and any other carmaker from selling directly to consumers in the state. But Rick Snyder, who is seeking re-election next month, maintained in a letter to lawmakers that the bill simply clarified the state's existing law and that …

  • Big names Coke and McDonald's put a sour spin on earnings season, but the market finds a lot to like elsewhere.

  • Why Can Apple Make Things But IBM Can't? @ Forbes - 47 minutes ago

    Apple and IBM’s dueling earnings announcements yesterday were a study in sharp contrasts: Apple’s financial performance went through the roof, driven by record hardware and international sales, while IBM’s results tanked, as it continued work to divest its hardware manufacturing while global sales slowed. They're different …

  • Google announces a more secure login feature that could one day make passwords obsolete.

  • AMC, like many networks, is trying to figure out a new world of viewing.

  • 8 Great Apps To Help You Land A Job @ Forbes - 1 hour 36 minutes ago

    These free tools let you network, search postings and stay organized.

  • Billionaire Barry Rosenstein runs the activist hedge fund JANA Partners. On Monday, JANA made news by joining billionaire Carl Icahn, disclosing a huge stake in the car rental company, Hertz. Like Icahn, Rosenstein’s investment track record is stellar.  If you add back fees, his fund has put up a return of [...]

  • Apple Pay Do's And Don'ts: A Practical Guide @ Forbes - 2 hours 19 minutes ago

    Apple Pay is here.  That means the approximately 10 million owners of the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus can now to use their phone as a wallet…some places. However, there are a few things that aren’t obvious, and it seemed wise to call them out.  In fact, they’re downright obscure. [...]

  • Forbes speaks with Matt Boch, Creative Director of Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved, about the process of working with Disney and the challenge of making centuries-old music relevant to a new audience.

  • When General Joseph F. Dunford became the 36th Commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps at a ceremony in Washington last week, he inherited a dilemma that predecessor James Amos struggled with throughout his four-year tenure.  Superficially, it's a question about what kind of amphibious combat vehicles the service should be …

  • Diving into JPMorgan's third-quarter earnings call comments from CEO Jamie Dimon and his management team.

  • The sad death of Total CEO Christophe de Margerie in a Moscow airplane accident raises issues about the future of the French oil company, which has been one of the most aggressive in the industry. De Margarie fell into the pattern of Italian ENI CEO Enrico Mattei, pushing his company [...]

  • Apple and GT Advanced Technologies seem to be on the cusp of striking a deal.

  • Money manager Kenneth Winans argues Vanguard founder Jack Bogle's investment philosophy could end up damaging the baby boomers’ retirement prospects.

  • The ability of the market to continue on the upside Monday was a positive sign as the market internals were considerably stronger than they were last Friday. The A/D lines for the four major ETFs have improved as they have moved above the first levels of resistance. With two consecutive days on the upside, Tuesday's close …

  • Many Destiny fans have found themselves "maxed out" on content lately. Either they've reached a high enough level for their own purposes and have put down the game and moved elsewhere, or they're stuck in a loop repeating the toughest aspects of the game over and over, squeezing the last [...]

  • Wireless provider Verizon reported Tuesday morning that it grew its subscriber base and its revenue during its third fiscal quarter, but despite these gains it failed to rise above Wall Street estimates on the top and bottom line. As a result of the mixed report, shares of Verizon have jumped in and out of positive territory …

  • As investors start to worry about China, and Europe’s economy is endanger of foundering, could even mighty BMW find its fat profits coming under pressure? Investment banker Credit Suisse thinks so, although so far this looks like a minority opinion. Morgan Stanley for instance reckons BMW is “future proof” because of [ …

  • Video Producer Simon Kinberg spoke with ComicBook.com last week in regards to the X-Men: Days of Future Past DVD/Blu-Ray release. One of the tidbits that came up  is the absence of footage from 20th Century Fox's upcoming Fantastic Four reboot. This has followed much talk and speculation about why we haven't seen anything …

  • China's third quarter GDP slows, but manages to beat consensus as most investors consider to sell China short.

  • As domestic sales slip and sparkling beverages fail to grow Coca-Cola knows it has a problem and has even come up with a solution. Yet as shares sink lower, investors seem unconvinced the beverage behemoth's plan is good enough. The Coca-Cola Company reported $12 billion in third quarter revenue, flat from [...]

  • SingleHop is a global provider of hosted IT infrastructure – it delivers an automation platform that allows vendors to create scalable and effective clouds. In this respect it competes with a number of other vendors – iLand, HP, Citrix and IBM among them. It also competes with VMware which is [...]

  • Fast food behemoth McDonald's is struggling to remain relevant. It reported a larger-than-expected drop in profits Tuesday morning. Net income for the third quarter fell 30% to $1.07 billion ($1.09 per share) from $1.52 billion ($1.52 per share) a year ago. "McDonald's third quarter results reflect a significant decline …

  • A look at the wall of worry and a stock recommendation.

  • More exciting news has emerged from the immuno-oncology field over the past couple weeks from both Penn/Novartis and NCI/Kite.  The former released new CAR-T data, widely heralded as “unprecedented” in its efficacy: in a trial of relapsed, refractory ALL patients, 90% had complete remissions after their infusions (27/30), …

  • When Warren Buffett decided not to buy shares in his pal Bill Gates's Microsoft, he offered a wise reason. Sadly, in 2011 Buffett did not take his 1998 advice when it came to investing in IBM. As its largest individual shareholder, Buffett has taken a beating in the wake of IBM's disastrous third quarter earnings [...]

  • McDonald’s is a great American company. But it has an image problem: its brand is less appetizing to the younger consumers -- the millennial generation -- than competing brands like Chipotle, Panera Bread, and Five Guys. That’s why McDonald’s sales have stumbled lately. The company missed sales estimates in the latest  …

  • Many people who go off to Washington as bureaucrats or elected representatives can’t bear to leave. They complain about Washington all day long, but – be they Democrats or Republicans – when their first job is done, they take high paid lobbying jobs and stay forever. The exceptions, I think, are [...]

  • Despite the interesting results, it remains to be seen whether a study of sufficient size and robustness necessary for the regulatory approval of a PDE-5 inhibitor for use in heart failure patients will ever be done. It is possible that an entity like the NIH would take this on. However, the cost and complexity of such …

  • Now that Duke Energy Corp. has successfully tested its wind-integrated energy storage project in Texas, what does that mean for the future of the technology? The “Notrees Energy Storage Project” is not what the average person might envision -- a battery that soaks up the grid’s electrons at night and then [...]

  • Chip and pin technology adoption has been very slow in the US. Will Obama's latest move change things?

  • Yesterday’s announcement that Primark will lease about 520,000 square feet in seven locations from Sears Holding is of great concern to me. The Sears properties they are going into are in prime locations in the Northeastern part of the United States. In my May 21, 2014 blog post, I described [...]

  • The confirmation by French oil giant Total that it’s CEO, Cristophe de Margerie, had died in a plane crash late Monday night at Vnukovo Airport in Moscow, after the Dassault Falcon jet he was flying in collided with a snow plow on take off, highlights a continuing global safety risk [...]

  • Ever the marketing master, Steve Jobs knew where to place emphasis when introducing the new Apple product at Apple's 2010 Worldwide Developers Conference: It was  “the most precise thing, and one of the most beautiful we've ever made," And “it's like a beautiful old Leica camera." A rather lofty goal he set for iPhone4– …

  • Alibaba is Making Money for Yahoo, Money for Chinese Companies in its Network and Money for Investors. But What About U.S. Taxes?

  • Christophe de Margerie, chairman and chief executive of French oil major Total SA, died in a plane crash near Moscow. A fine strategist, seeking reward at the edge of technical possibilities and at the limit of legality, De Margerie was a very outspoken businessman and a bugbear for many non-governmental organizations.

  • Breaking from the pack, Apple beat consensus estimates for the September quarter and delivered earnings growth of 13 percent versus last year. Apple stood in sharp contrast to other tech leaders, IBM, Google and Netflix, who missed earnings estimates in the quarter. IBM said it plans to reorganize to focus [...]

  • He leaves Total in an excellent position, with a slate of big projects set to boost oil production.

  • Why the recent stock market rebound could be a trap before another sell-off unless certain conditions are met.

  • Singapore’s casino resorts book more than $1.3 billion in revenue from their non-gaming activities.

  • Apple’s strong results should move the stock higher,

  • Mirantis is a vendor well known for its attention-grabbing incidents. Long seen as the bad-boy of cloud infrastructure, the company hasn’t been backwards at being seen in the center of a storm. Today however sees the company make headlines for an entirely different reason, it is announcing the largest ever Series [...]

  • Staples confirmed that the retailer is investigating a potential credit and debit card breach at some locations.

  •   If, as the saying goes, they do everything bigger in Texas then Las Vegas is a close second. With its soaring hotels, maze-like casinos and head-scratching replicas of the Eiffel Tower and New York City skyline, just under 40 million tourists (in 2013) craving some sin and sizzle found both [...]

  • Following on from Apple's conference call and quarterly results this afternoon (Forbes' Mark Rogowsky is covering the call), the impact of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus on the iOS ecosystem is clear. Advertising network Localytics has released data that shows the two latest devices in the iPhone family already account …

  • The Treasury Department can celebrate a victory on Monday.

  • When the 2014 World Series kicks off on Tuesday, the two ballparks hosting the games will be the first U.S. stadiums that will set up to use the new Apple Pay.

  • Facebook sues the lawyers who represented Paul Ceglia, the convicted felon who said Mark Zuckerberg promised him a big piece of the company.

  • WhatsApp Founder's Late Apology @ Forbes - 21 hours ago

    Not a day passes without some big apology for bad behavior or a dumb choice of words by politicians, celebrities, executives and athletes. Making a public apology has grown into an art form and appears to be the stalwart strategy for stemming the criticism that subsequently reverberates in the media [...]

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