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  • After nasty fight with Carl Icahn, EBay will follow his plan to spin off PayPal after all.

  • Irrational market activity within closed-end bond funds has set up a fantastic buying opportunity for patient investors. As background, over the past few years, retail investors have poured nearly $30 billion into new IPOs of fixed income closed-end funds in a hunt for yield. Yet, many of those same individuals have [. …

  • GoPro's surging stock has attracted short sellers, but betting against the company has been a big loser.

  • Worldwide tablet computer sales, thought to be the next area of significant growth for the technology industry, may have peaked in the first half of this year. According to a new report from ABI Research, a Long Island-based research firm, tablet sales are set to increase only 2.5% in 2014 versus [...]

  • Today may mark the official kick-off of "big fall games that aren't Destiny" season, with the release of Warner Bros.' Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor. The game has already surprised many critics, and in turn, surprised many fans who found the reviews that went up after a very early pre-launch embargo to [...]

  • As Walgreen works through managing expenses and costs related to its global expansion from the acquisition of European pharmacy Alliance Boots, the company’s top executives said “headwinds” still lay ahead back in the U.S. In particular, Walgreen chief executive officer Greg Wasson said this morning the company faces lower …

  • Succinct headlines aside, I suppose it's possible that Marvel and Walt Disney will decide to split what is supposed to be Avengers 3 into Avengers 3.1 and Avengers 3.2. Said rumor was dropped into the swirly rumor mill courtesy of a little-known site called The Daily Marvelite. The rumor stated that the planned galaxy-spanning …

  • The Top 5 Super Robust Cases For Your iPhone 6 @ Forbes - 1 hour 6 minutes ago

    Video The structural integrity of Apple's iPhone 6 may or may not be susceptible to a pair of skinny jeans and a sturdy armchair. But one thing is for sure, you shouldn’t purchase a device that costs more than a medium-end laptop without protecting it in some way or another. The phone case industry [...]

  • 3 Reasons To Avoid EBay Shares Post PayPal Spinoff @ Forbes - 1 hour 17 minutes ago

    Is a win for Carl Icahn a loss for everyone else? After all, if Icahn calls for a company to buy back shares, pay a dividend, or split itself into pieces he has surely been placing bets on what those calls will do to the target's stock. When he makes the [...]

  • Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg speaks during a news conference at Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto

    Mark Zuckerberg, who is the second-most-junior member of the list, is worth an estimated $34 billion.

  • Take a look at Gap Inc's social media presence and you'll see the 45-year-old retail giant has been carefully cultivating a web presence focused on feminism, equal pay and progressive values.

  • Forex: Euro Slumps To New Low @ Forbes - 1 hour 35 minutes ago

    The U.S. dollar’s remarkable rally over the past three months appears to be nearing its end. The greenback is still in a position of strength over a basket of currencies, and it registered a two-year high against the embattled euro on Tuesday. The 18-member single unit’s fall briefly penetrated the psychological €1.26 handle …

  • Canada and Honduras now have  a free trade pact. In a recent article for The PanAm Post, Adriana Peralta explained, “After a decade of negotiations, Canada and Honduras have finally achieved a bilateral free-trade agreement (FTA), including tariff-free status for 98 percent of goods categories. The agreement is set to go …

  • You don't get to be the world's largest publicly traded company without understanding how to maximise income and revenue. With a market capitalisation of over $600 billion, Tim Cook and his team show no signs of stopping in the near future. Behind the success are a number of simple techniques designed to delight the customer …

  • One thing is sure in the infrastructure space and that is that prices are continuously trending downwards – it’s one of the irrefutable rules of the industry that the vendors keep moving in lockstep with each other to drop prices. Normally the price drops we hear about come from the bigger [...]

  • Sony underlines its status as the only 4K projector player in town in emphatic style.

  • After three decades in Bill Gates' shadow, former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has a seven-point plan to reinvent himself on a scale worthy of America's 18th-richest person.

  • The man who has a hammerlock on the bra, panties and undergarment industry is an insecure Midwesterner who shuns the spotlight. In a rare interview, he explains the retail formula that paved the way for Steve Jobs.

  • Intel has been on a bit of a wearables kick lately. Its New Devices Group, run by former Apple and Palm exec Mike Bell, has been busy partnering with the likes of Fossil and Opening Ceremony over the past year. But it also made an acquisition of fitness tracker Basis in March 2014 [...]

  • It’s back to the drawing board for those investors who thought Ford Europe might be in the black anytime soon. Yesterday’s announcement from Dearborn, Mich. that Ford Motor Co had slashed its profit forecast for 2014 to $6billion from a $7billion to $8billion range included news that Ford Europe would lose [...]

  • George Osborne, the Chancellor of the Exchequer over here in the UK, has just announced at the Conservative party conference that he'll be changing the tax laws to make sure that Google and other tech multinationals (Facebook, Microsoft, possibly Apple, among them) end up paying more tax to the UK [...]

  • Apple Faces Billions in Fines if a Formal EU Investigation Concludes its Irish Tax Deal Was 'Special' Amounting to an Illegal Deal.

  • U.S. oil and natural gas are attempting to rally again after their false breakout in late-August.

  • Apple announced that it would start selling iPhone 6's in China starting on Friday, October 17.

  • The bleeding has stopped, giving BlackBerry the space to stop trying so hard to regain its former glory and experiment with new projects that may just wind up being sleeper successes.

  • Perhaps signaling new scrutiny on what has been described as the "netherworld" of Wall Street, the Securities and Exchange Commission has charged two former Wells Fargo employees with violating federal securities laws by using knowledge of nonpublic impending analyst upgrades or downgrades in certain securities to generate …

  • How can solar become the largest source of electricity in the world one day? The International Energy Agency released two reports on Monday to tell you how. The two reports outline the technology improvements and policies needed to make solar a big part of the world's energy production by 2050. While equipment [...]

  • Ford Launches Lincoln Brand In China @ Forbes - 14 hours ago

    Ford Motor Co. is launching sales of the Lincoln brand in China at the end of October, making Lincoln an important ingredient in its plans for higher volume and higher profits worldwide by around 2020. The China launch is the latest step in Lincoln’s latest makeover, according to Ford Investor Day [...]

  • The chat app that’s helping connect student protesters in Hong Kong with cellular or WiFi connection also plans to verify user names in the next few weeks.

  • For the past week I've been carrying an iPhone 6 Plus in one pocket and the G3 in another and -- after extensive use of both -- I can see how each would have its fans and detractors. Both are excellent phones and while there is no clear winner, I'm leaning [...]

  • Andreas Vogelsanger, CEO of Asia Frontier Capital Vietnam (AFC Vietnam), is bullish on Vietnam. The parent company to his fund, Asia Frontier Capital, is a public equity investment outfit that invests in emerging and frontier public equity markets across Asia in its Asia Frontier Fund. Mr. Vogelsanger works closely with …

  • What’s ahead for these big U.S. Jarrett is a long-time China hand and former consul generate of the U.S. Q.  Some standout members of our new Forbes 400 list of the richest Americans have been facing a tough year in China.  What’s behind that? One, you have a slowdown in the Chinese economy.  It hasn’t really picked …

  • Video Just when one would think that the goofiness around “Bendgate” was over along comes a pair of teenagers with a video of them running rampant through an Apple Store trying to bend the display models of the iPhone 6 – and then bragging about it. The teens, a pair named Cudy [...]

  • Financial firms are relying on their COOs to take the lead in regulatory compliance and market structure shifts.

  • Ever since the dawn of the internet, airlines, hotels, rental cars and any other industries relying on the complex business of yield management have been struggling with an innate dilemma. Empty seats are to airlines what vacant beds are to hotel groups: wasted inventory and spurned opportunities for income. That problem …

  • Shares of Ford skidded deep into the red Monday afternoon after comments during the company's investor day revealed that the automaker is lowering its full-year profit guidance and expects to record a more-than $1 billion loss in its European operations this year.

  • Big Splash For Alibaba Options @ Forbes - 17 hours ago

    Options on recent IPO Alibaba (BABA) were actively traded as derivatives dealing began Monday. The stock attracted overall option volume of 122,000 contracts in its first day, which was impressive at least in contrast to GoPro’s option debut where volume was notably absent at the start. Despite a closing 1.95% loss [.. …

  • f anyone is still wondering what’s behind the bidding war for Family Dollar, look no further than this little fact: visits to dollar stores were up 14 percent last quarter. Yes, 14 percent.

  • Anyone wondering why Walmart is so often the target of angry protests regarding wages and benefits, need look no further than this year’s Forbes Wealthiest list.

  • The use of social media to engage customers has been a top priority for marketers over the last several years. According to a 2013 study by the University of Marketing Research, 77% of successful U.S. companies use Twitter and 70% use Facebook to communicate with customers. Companies however are slowly [...]

  • Get more, pay less. This promise has people jumping in most areas of life. A bottle of Domaine Leroy Musigny Grand Cru for the price of two-buck Chuck. A penthouse suite instead of a motel room. A free flight upgrade to first class. All of these decisions are no-brainers, so [...]

  • Micron recently announced its latest family of consumer-class solid state drives, targeting desktop and mobile form factors, dubbed the M600. Like a number of Micron’s previous offerings, M600 solid state drives leverage Marvell controller technology, linked to Micron’s own NAND flash memory and customized firmware. In …

  • While engineers may have thought a "baby monitor" for the car was a great idea, lawyers apparently didn't review the feature closely.

  • Microsoft's Xbox One will be the first console the company has ever sold in China following a 14-year ban on foreign console sales.

  • The idea that you have to have Windows 8 before Windows 9 is obvious from the sheer logic of the naming convention—of course 9 comes after 8. Beyond the naming, though, the latest Windows operating system, which is expected to be unveiled by Microsoft at an event in San Francisco [...]

  • Apple recently announced the Apple Watch concept with much fanfare. The reviews so far are mixed, but I wanted to put Apple Watch to the test. So, as I did with Google Glass when it was announced, I engaged my virtual ideas company, Ideasicle, with the task of coming up with [...]

  • Video Toyota faces dual challenges in attempting to turn around its iconic Prius hybrid franchise these days with a new ad campaign. The brand has become commoditized amid a bevy of competing hybrids. And mainstream Americans don't really care about electrified vehicles anymore unless they're named "Tesla." Hybrids still …

  • UFC fighter Luke Rockhold joins Robbie Lawler as Mixed Martial Arts stars endorsing Adidas' Combat Sports Division.

  • Every once in a while I come across a new technology application in the defense arena that is so elegant I wonder why somebody didn't think of it sooner.  Energy Focus, Inc., (NASDAQ: EFOI) a small business headquartered outside Cleveland, seems to have come up with such a breakthrough, and [...]

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