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  • The 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Coupe gathers admirers wherever it goes. But is it really in a league to compete with the best sports cars?

  • The data showing that Orexigen's obesity drug Contrave reduced the risk of heart attacks and cardiovascular death and sent shares of the tiny La Jolla, Calif., biotechnology company soaring 30% were probably "unreliable," "misleading," and "likely false," according to a top Food and Drug Administration official. If Orexigen …

  • Competition in the young energy storage market is heating up nicely. SunEdison's announcement today of its purchase of an energy storage startup is the latest example of that. This is a good time to look at who are the other developers in this market, which is driven by a federal rule

  • The Federal Reserve said on Thursday all 31 banks it tests as part of its comprehensive capital adequacy review held minimum capital levels to withstand another financial panic

  • Databricks Aims To Become The Platform For Big Data @ Forbes - 1 hour 13 minutes ago

    A Series of Forbes Insights Profiles of Thought Leaders Changing the Business Landscape:  Ion Stoica, Co-Founder and CEO, Databricks. “Databricks is predicated around the idea and the mission to make big data simple,” says the company’s co-founder and CEO, Ion Stoica.  The company was founded in 2013 by the team that

  • New smartphone fingerprint authentication technology promises improvements over Apple's TouchID, but it still presents *serious* risks. Here is what you need to know.

  • Indian e-commerce leader Flipkart aims to build an office in Silicon Valley to attract new talent, says new Chief Product Officer Punit Soni.

  • On Saturday March 7th, hundreds of mostly Mexican workers from American Apparel's factory will gather in downtown Los Angeles for the third meeting of their newly formed labor coalition. Among the 500 or so employees expected to meet under the auspices of the Coalition of American Apparel Factory Workers United to

  • A Delta Airlines flight from Atlanta to New York skid off the runway at LaGuardia on landing during a snowstorm this morning.  The airplane hit a fence and berm which may have prevented it from going into the waters of Flushing Bay.  No life-threatening injuries were reported among the 125

  • Remember the Newton? The personal digital assistant, introduced by Apple in 1987, is proof that even the most visionary, cult-inspiring brands can turn out a flop from time to time. Competitors might delight in these occasional missteps, but we should not let them pass without pause, for we can learn much

  • Fresh off the presses, Fifty Shades of Grey has officially passed the $500 million mark at the worldwide box office. The Universal/Comcast Corp. film has earned $150m domestic (an impressive feat in-and-of-itself) and has earned $352m overseas for a $502m worldwide as of yesterday. As you of course know, the Dakota Johnson/Jamie …

  • On Tuesday morning the members of the Data Monitoring Committee of Orexigen's Light study began a planned meeting in a hotel in Chicago. They had no way of knowing that in a few hours their routine duties would be completely interrupted by the news that data from the trial-- which they

  • I can exhale now that the media's orgy of fascination with Berkshire Hathaway and Chairman/CEO Warren Buffett will pause now. After the release of the company's annual report and Buffett's shareholder letter last Saturday, we get a respite until Berkshire's annual meeting itself on May 2. Why the lack of enthusiasm

  • At GDC this year, Valve has one again proved to be a perplexing force in the industry. Rather than showcasing any long awaited new games, they joined the herd and unveiled that they too were entering the VR space with their Vive headset that they’re making in partnership with HTC. The

  • Samsung is taking a big risk with the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge...

  • Five Reasons To Invest In India @ Forbes - 5 hours ago

    India not overbought yet, ETF firm Emerging Global Advisors believes.

  • The Apple Watch could quickly transform Apple into a global leader in the smartwatch market in mere months.

  • Employers cut more jobs in February 2015 than they did in February 2014.

  • Everyone is obsessed with “analytics.”  I cannot keep up with what the technology pundits and consultants are telling me about analytics, no matter how hard I try.  (I just Googled “big data analytics” and got 107,000,000 results in 0.29 seconds.) If you listen to these people, you will absolutely, positively believe that …

  • AbbVie's 4% tumble on Thursday could be an early warning sign that C-Suites may be overreaching in the pharma sector's dealmaking craze.

  • Getting Real In Brazil @ Forbes - 6 hours ago

    Whenever there’s a sell-off after bullish news, it’s typically a sign of more pain to come. Brazil’s central bank raised benchmark interest rates to 12.75% on Wednesday in order to quell inflation, but the Real (BRL) dropped even further. The Real has now declined more than 11% YTD relative to US

  • (Updated) On Tuesday Orexigen sparked a firestorm by disclosing the interim results of an ongoing clinical trial of its weight loss drug Contrave. Takeda, which markets the drug in the US, has released a statement in which it states that it does not support the release of the interim data. Here is the Takeda statement: …

  • Everything you need to know about iOS 8.2.

  • November 11th. That’s when Halo: The Master Chief Collection officially launched in 2014. Today is March 5th, and the game may finally, finally work as intended. 343 debuted a long-awaited new patch yesterday aiming to fix the endless amount of issues that have plagued the game’s multiplayer. Now, 24 hours in,

  • With US treasuries offering real returns of about 0.5%, many investors are taking the risk and jumping into this overvalued market.

  • The euro has taken a wild ride in Thursday trading, hitting an 11-year low on the news that the European Central Bank will begin its bond-buying program next week. The currency rebounded slightly after ECB chief Mario Draghi raised the euro-zone's economic growth forecasts but failed to sustain those brief gains as Thursday …

  • This is a very good spot by Dashiell Bennett over at Bloomberg. Some of us have been wondering why it was that Walmart, traditionally a low wage employer, recently decided to hoist entry wages to well above minimum wage. Some argue (and they really are, I'm seeing it here in

  • Thumbnail: I would love to be the film critic who says that Chappie works despite its narrative faults, but strong production values and good intentions can't save a deeply inconsistent film. Box Office: This Sony release is the third original film from writer/director Neill Blomkamp, who took the industry by storm in 2009 …

  • Costco reported better than expected second quarter earnings on Thursday, sending shares up in premarket trading. Net income in the quarter rose 29% to $598 million, or $1.35 per diluted share, easily beating the Street's call for $1.18 per share. This compares to $463 million, or $1.05 per diluted share, last year. Shares, …

  • Android for Work (AFW) is a game changer. It offers a new set of applications, online services and industry partnerships specifically designed to ease the two chronic concerns –security and fragmentation –that have hamstrung Android in the enterprise and left its business and innovation potential largely untapped. But, …

  • It seems that everyone wants a piece of the Docker pie these days. And that should come as no surprise, the Docker initiative (which, as most people are well aware, re-popularized the existing Linux container concept) has seen massive industry, customer and investor interest. And where interest exists, commercial vendors …

  • When a startup raises money twice in 90 days, something has usually gone terribly wrong or majorly right. For Namely, a human resources startup taking on the $16 billion Workday, closing such a round so soon is a positive sign—and one that’s quickly doubled the startup’s valuation. Namely announced Thurs. it

  • Snow storms, opt outs, protests and computer glitches have bedeviled the first week of computerized testing under the new Common Core standards in school districts across the country. Yet students in grades three to eleven from Colorado and New Mexico to Maryland and Mississippi continue to plow through the standardized …

  • JP Morgan is paying $50M over robo-signing bankruptcy and foreclosure documents. Don't ever robo-sign, especially not with tax returns.

  • Both Brett Icahn and David Schechter had $183 million due to them from Carl Icahn's investment companies at the end of 2014, among the biggest compensation packages in the investment management business.

  • It cannot be argued that finding a major new source of NIH funding would have a major impact on the nation’s health and well-being.

  • Rocket Internet Expands in Sri Lanka @ Forbes - 9 hours ago

    Rocket Internet is a fast-growing tech investor and conglomerate in emerging markets. But its approach rankles Silicon Valley.

  • At Mobile World Congress this week a number of eye-scanning authentication tools were shown off, notably by ZTE and Fujitsu. But security researcher Jan Krissler says it's easy to use high-res images of people's eyes grabbed from Google to break iris scanning tech.

  • U.S. companies have trillions offshore out of reach of the IRS. Why isn't that income taxable? Why isn't that capital at work in America?

  • One of the key vendors of wireless charging in public spaces is positioning itself as an intelligence gathering tool for Starbucks, airports and others. The price for watts will be your data.

  • GMC is the sizzling General Motors brand du jour, benefiting from a perfect (snow) storm of offering vehicles in some of the market's hottest segments, helping revive a newly promising old segment, and riding lower gasoline prices to consumers' growing embrace of a product lineup that isn't an environmentalist's best

  • SunEdison has bought an energy storage developer to expand its reach into an emerging market that will rely partly on the increase of wind and solar energy generation to grow. SunEdison closed the deal to buy Solar Grid Storage in January, paying an undisclosed sum. The sale of Solar Grid reflects the

  • Chinese e-commerce billionaire Liu Qiangdong is following his peers in seeking a slice of the smart-home market. Liu’s, the biggest rival to Chinese e-commerce titan Alibaba Group Holding, plans to invest 67.5 million yuan ($10.8 million) for a 45% stake in a joint venture with Chinese speech and language technology …

  • Today, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in King v. Burwell, a case with significant implications for the future of Obamacare. Most of the justices’ questions proceeded along expected lines. Most notable was a series of questions by Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy, who questioned whether it would be constitutional …

  • Winning an apparent bidding war, drug maker Abbvie (ABBV) said Wednesday night it will pay $21 billion for biotech firm Pharmacyclics, the maker of the promising cancer drug Imbruvica that some say could be a top-selling treatment for multiple cancers. Abbvie apparently beat out other companies, including Johnson & Johnson …

  • State Street agrees with China's leadership: country will grow by 7%.

  • Investors flocking to American shores for perceived safety are setting themselves up for disappointment, particularly when it comes to dividends. The U.S. is one of the lowest-yielding markets in the world at today’s prices. An investment in the iShares Core S&P 500 will get you a dividend yield of just 1.88%. Meanwhile, …

  • Despite a recessionary economy, Brazil's 7% ties the hands of the Central Bank.

  • It is the age of the activist investor, but Brooklyn-based online arts and crafts seller Etsy isn't afraid of the shark-infested Wall Street waters that are within its proximity.

  • 'SimCity' Developer Shut Down By EA @ Forbes - 22 hours ago

    The game developer is being shuttered following 'Sims' and 'SimCity' mishaps.

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