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  • Economy In Gutter, Brazil More Expensive Than Europe @ Forbes - 2 hours 14 minutes ago

    Even weak Brazil manages to be strong. Price bubble has to burst soon.

  • Over the last six weeks I've been using Samsung's flagship handset, the Galaxy S5. The smartphone strategy of the South Korean company hands this flagship a huge amount of responsibility; a high volume of sales, critical acclaim, and a halo effect with users to sell cheaper handsets. The S5 is struggling in with these  …

  • Sheldon Lavin, the chairman of the Aurora, Illinois meat producer at the center of a reported safety scandal that has dragged in McDonald’s in mainland China, Hong Kong and Japan, has arrived in Shanghai and is due to join a press conference with other senior company officials this afternoon, government-published [...]

  • Here's a good one for those who think the dollar's days are numbered.

  • Beijing is attacking another American tech giant, demonstrating that for foreign companies it pays not to succeed in the Chinese market.

  • "The customers are the assets; not the stores and not the e-commerce sites."

  • In imposing sanctions on Russia, the Obama administration seems not to have noticed that U.S. allies may not be as enthusiastic as the United States in penalizing their corporations' Russian export opportunities.

  • The coming week brings a mountain of market-moving news on the US economy and companies for twitchy traders and investors to chew on, with the Federal Reserve front and center. More than 20 IPOs are expected in a monster week for initial public offerings of stock, with investors anxious to get [...]

  • Not to be outdone, Dwayne Johnson's Hercules opens to a respectable $29 million to place second in the weekend rankings.   The two big new releases, Scarlett Johansson's Lucy and Dwayne Johnson's Hercules are both hits this weekend. This is also yet another example of why the obsession over rank is foolhardy. Yes, Universal's …

  • The great economic story of the past few decades has been how this neoliberal globalisation stuff has brought several billion poor people into the global economy. This has benefited us, in the goods that they have been producing, and it's most certainly benefited them as this has also led to [...]

  • If there is any anxiety from the health insurance industry in regard to the potential for certain Americans who signed up for medical coverage on the federally-run exchange to lose coverage, it could emerge later this week. A parade of publicly-traded health insurance companies are expected to report their second-quarter …

  • Movie casting is always a tricky subject, but even more so when a role has already recently been played by someone else so well. This is the case with The Last of Us, which told an incredible story through the medium of video games, so much so that no one [...]

  • Newly minted UFC No. 1 Welterweight fighter Robbie Lawler recently signed a deal to endorse Adidas Combat Sports and will soon take on Reebok sponsored Johny Hendricks for the Welterweight Title.

  • Finding High-Probability Entry Levels @ Forbes - 16 hours ago

    Picking tops or bottoms is generally quite difficult as one often does not have clear technical divergences that can give them enough conviction and discipline to take a position. Oftentimes traders will convince themselves that a market can’t go any higher or lower and keep fighting the trend as they are repeatedly stopped …

  • Ever since Edward Snowden became a household name, China has been taking a new approach to developing domestic technology. Any doubt about this was squashed last week when the merger of two large Chinese semiconductor companies was completed. The question now is, should foreign players such as Qualcomm Inc. and [...]

  • OSI Group, an Aurora, Illinois meat producer, said it would recall all products processed at a Shanghai plant at the center of a reported safety scandal that has dragged in McDonald’s in mainland China, Hong Kong and Japan. “To help rebuild the trust of customers and consumers, as well as to cooperate [...]

  • Despite President Obama's Claim That Going Offshore Is Unpatriotic, Inverison Deals Are the Talk of Boards, Investors and Funds.

  • To unlock creativity, we need to recognize that leadership is more important than authority. It is no longer enough to dictate the “what,” we must learn to inspire the “why.”

  • Table For One? Winners And Losers in the Cat Lady Economy @ Forbes - Sat, Jul 26, 2014 9:38 PM EDT

    More than one quarter of the U.S. population lives alone. Per the latest census, single-person households are now the single largest segment of the U.S. population.  This is a first. What a dramatic change from a little more than 30 years ago when only 17% of population lived alone.  By 2012, [...]

  • The Good, The Bad And The In-Between Of Bungie's 'Destiny' Beta @ Forbes - Sat, Jul 26, 2014 3:46 PM EDT

    For those following along, you'll realize that yes, this is a follow-up to my lengthy article on Destiny's alpha I posted earlier this summer under a nearly identical name. I thought that format was effective for analysis, and so I figured I'd repeat it here. Though this probably won't be [...]

  • Well folks, we've got official pictures of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. And quite frankly, she looks like... well, Wonder Woman. Zack Snyder trust tweeted the image from his Twitter account as a kick-off of sorts to the Warner Bros. (Time Warner, Inc.) Comic Con [...]

  • As various Google subsidiaries in Europe report their results to the authorities we can see how it is, in detail, that Google manages its corporation tax exposure. And the final point we come to is that it does manage it very well but the end result is that it has [...]

  • With the iPhone we can say that the larger the screen gets the easier the flow of information between the user, the screen and the internet beyond. Like Boeing and Airbus, Apple understands the relevant proportions that must guide its design decisions.

  • Friday Box Office: 'Lucy' Nabs $17M, 'Hercules' Nets $11M @ Forbes - Sat, Jul 26, 2014 11:16 AM EDT

    The two big new releases, Scarlett Johansson's Lucy and Dwayne Johnson's Hercules are both hits this weekend. This is also yet another example of why the obsession over rank is foolhardy. Yes, Universal's (Comcast Corporation) sci-fi actioner will easily top the box office this weekend, but Paramount (Viacom, Inc.) and …

  • A ruling by the National Labor Relations Board could make it easier for unions to organize workers at their biggest target, Walmart.

  • Taking a look back at the week in news across the Android world, this week’s Android Circuit highlights a number of stories, including the first reviews of Amazon's Fire phone, the launch of the Xiaomi Mi 4, the UK release of the Samsung Tab S, Sony's camera component investment, the best camera apps for your Android handset, …

  • SolarWorld has won another round in the seemingly never ending investigation by the Commerce Department into alleged dumping of Chinese manufactured or China assembled solar PV panels. The tragedy of this case is that as a result all Americans lose out to the benefit of a Germany based company. I [...]

  • The Week Ahead: One Bubble Starting to Burst? @ Forbes - Fri, Jul 25, 2014 7:18 PM EDT

    Earlier this year, the talk of a stock market bubble has periodically dominated the financial media. Last week, an astute economic reporter even asked President Obama, “Are you concerned there is a bubble out there like we had in ’01 and ’08?” In my view, these debates are stupid and a distraction for investors as there …

  • Taking a look back at another week of news from Cupertino, this week’s Apple Loop covers Apple's Fall launch events, mobile payments in the next iPhone, a potential iWatch patent, thoughts from the Q3 2014 earnings call, potential security holes in iOS 6, OSX 10.10 previews, and the new stickers advert from Tim Cook and …

  • Gilead has become the whipping boy du jour for the forthcoming Obamacare-driven cost explosion in health spending. Politicians and the health-insurance industry have embarked on a high-profile campaign to shame Gilead for the price of its new wonder-drug, Sovaldi. If successful, this campaign will have terrible long-term …

  • Takeover Boom Makes Life Tougher For Short Seller Einhorn @ Forbes - Fri, Jul 25, 2014 5:36 PM EDT

    Greenlight Capital's David Einhorn laments that bad stocks he's betting against are getting bought out at rich premiums.

  • Today Bose Corporation has filed a legal complaint against Beats Electronics for allegedly infringing patents related to its noise-canceling headphones, which was first reported by CNBC. Bose claims that Beats is infringing upon 50 years of research and development of noise cancellation technology that is protected by 36 …

  • Low cost tablets have been a goal for a long time now but breaking the $200 mark hasn't been easy for manufacturers, without sacrificing features and quality.  Then again, what if I told you there's a 7-inch tablet on the market with 16GB of storage, running Android 4.4 KitKat, with [...]

  • News You Can't Use @ Forbes - Fri, Jul 25, 2014 4:38 PM EDT

    Last week, we found ourselves at Twitter's New York City offices for an event whose topic couldn't have been more timely in light of the downing of Malaysia Flight 17 over eastern Ukraine the next day. We met for the monthly gathering of the Online News Association's NYC chapter, a vibrant Meetup [...]

  • Here's What Investors Who Gobbled El Pollo Loco's IPO Missed @ Forbes - Fri, Jul 25, 2014 4:14 PM EDT

    Investors feasted on El Pollo Loco stock in its IPO debut today -- but will the taste turn sour? Here are the warning signs this chicken chain isn't a good long-term bet...

  • Code Red In High Yield @ Forbes - Fri, Jul 25, 2014 4:04 PM EDT

    In my 20 years of managing high yield bond investments, I’ve never seen so many signals that scream caution.  Desperate to find yield, investors have poured billions into high yield bond funds and ETFs driving the yield on the Barclays High Yield Bond Index to just 5.54% -- the lowest [...]

  • Microsoft's Strategy For Nokia Becomes Clearer @ Forbes - Fri, Jul 25, 2014 3:58 PM EDT

    Microsoft will cut the former Nokia's engineering and manufacturing, lay off half its staff, and sell "productivity."

  • Will China Change The Game For Qualcomm? @ Forbes - Fri, Jul 25, 2014 2:27 PM EDT

    Disclossure: I own shares of QCOM For years, Qualcomm has been growing by leaps and bounds. There’s a good reason: the company has been enjoying the “first mover” advantage in wireless communications technologies, riding one mobile communications trend after another. Currently, Qualcomm is the leading supplier of LTE chips, …

  • Your Parent Or Kid Moved In: Are You Covered? @ Forbes - Fri, Jul 25, 2014 1:31 PM EDT

    Multigenerational living may mean amending home and auto policies.

  • Why would some of the world's leading venture capitalists invest $120 million in a startup if there was a serious threat that it would be shut down for misappropriating the intellectual property of a big software company? In my mind, there are two possible answers: the investors were duped or that [...]

  • Loco Indeed! El Pollo Loco Pops 50% After IPO @ Forbes - Fri, Jul 25, 2014 1:11 PM EDT

    Forget tech. The real hot IPOs are in the restaurant business.

  • Apple's adjusted gross margins have been steady when warranty accruals are taken into account.

  • Last week, New York's Department of Financial Services became the first state to propose comprehensive regulations governing virtual currencies. The move reaffirmed the position held by the agency's head, Benjamin Lawsky, as the leading government voice on a technology that has befuddled regulators and terrified law enforcement …

  • Showtime will eschew the usual 9 PM start for a boxing PPV event and begin at 8 PM to satisfy the East Coast fan base for Floyd Mayweather's Sept. 13 bout.

  • The news this week that a solar flare nearly destroyed our planet is not only overblown, it's also old news.

  • IBM Delivers Infiniband To SoftLayer Customers @ Forbes - Fri, Jul 25, 2014 11:37 AM EDT

    As more organizations take advantage of cloud computing, there is a corresponding quest to achieve the highest possible levels of performance from the cloud. One of the bottlenecks in terms of cloud infrastructure is the speed at which the network links between servers can run. When absolute performance is needed, [... …

  • Check Closes The Loop On SMB Invoice Payments @ Forbes - Fri, Jul 25, 2014 11:09 AM EDT

    Anytime I hear about a new service or new piece of functionality that allows me (not to mention other small business owners) to automate what was formerly a manual process, I get excited. It’s a little known fact that SMBs have nearly as complex processes within their organizations as do [...]

  • Porn Mad? Vast Majority Of Brits Refuse Government Filter @ Forbes - Fri, Jul 25, 2014 10:41 AM EDT

    British broadband users are overwhelmingly rejecting the government's recently introduced 'porn filters', with six out of seven choosing to opt out. Under the system, introduced at the beginning of the year, the country's four biggest ISPs agreed to slap on the filters for all new customers unless specifically asked not …

  • Amazon Under Fire: What Happens When Sales Growth Isn't Enough? @ Forbes - Fri, Jul 25, 2014 10:36 AM EDT

    Amazon isn't worried about translating sales growth to profits, but investors and analysts have their concerns.

  • Don't Believe What You Read; Google Doesn't Avoid Tax @ Forbes - Fri, Jul 25, 2014 10:35 AM EDT

    It's the results reporting season over in my native UK again and once again, as regular as the seasons themselves roll around, we've spluttering pieces in the press about how Google avoids all of this tax that it should justly and righteously pay. Which means it must be the time [...]

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