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  • Considered under the knife as recently as a year ago, Lincoln now has recruited Oscar-winning, au courant actor Matthew McConaughey to front for the brand as Ford continues its about-face over the fate of its iconic luxury franchise. McConaughey will debut in an ad next month introducing Lincoln's MKC sport-utility vehicle, …

  • Bank of America settles mortgage claims with Uncle Sam for $9.7B in cash, $7B in consumer relief.

  • Apple HealthKit will launch with the iPhone 6, but it has medical professionals worried.

  • The company endured a $573 million net loss or $5.39 per share, a sharp decline from last year and a far cry from expectations.

  • The U.S. dollar is trading at 11-month highs against several major currencies on Thursday as investors zero in on the two-day central bank symposium getting underway in Jackson Hole, Wyo., today. As the world’s most powerful financial players meet at the mountain resort to talk shop, market chatter suggests this year’s …

  • Dispelling The Myth of Corporate Cash Hoarding @ Forbes - 1 hour 19 minutes ago

    Corporations are not hoarding cash. Cash holding are slightly up as a percent of sales and down as a percent of debt. Hiring and capital expenditures are healthy. Corporate cash hoarding is not holding back the recovery.

  • Sin City: A Dame to Kill For is more low-key than the first Sin City, but it's also a more enjoyable romp thanks to another grand Eva Green star turn. The Box Office: I don't know why it took nine years for Sin City fans to get their much-demanded sequel, but at last we have Sin [...]

  • The circus that has been masquerading as the sale of the Buffalo Bills has received three non-binding bids to date, each below $900 million, according to two sources familiar with the sale of the National Football League team. Both of these sources are not directly involved in the sale as [...]

  • As Apple reportedly gears up for its September iPhone 6 launch, every other smartphone manufacturer will be watching with a close eye from IFA 2014 in Berlin. The annual consumer electronics show will take place in two weeks and we’re expecting to see a host of new TVs, smartphones, tablets [...]

  • VMware Hybrid Now Available In Ubuntu Flavors @ Forbes - 2 hours 9 minutes ago

    Yesterday the news came, in advance of VMware’s annual US conference (disclosure, VMware is covering my travel and expenses to attend VMworld) that the VMware hybrid cloud service, vCHS, is changing its name. The unfortunately titled v-Cheese is no longer, replaced by the very Apple-like vCloud Air. Different name, same …

  • Sony itself is surprised by the massive success of the PS4 so far. But given the long wait, the low price and the base of gamers it could draw on, maybe it shouldn't have been. Still, keeping the momentum won't be easy.

  • Yahoo paid about the same price for Tumblr, around $1 billion, as Facebook did when it acquired Instagram, and the two had similar numbers of users at the time of acquisition, in the realm of 30 million. But whereas Instagram growth only accelerated after the sale, passing 200 million earlier this [...]

  • Xamarin is a fascinating vendor. Giving mobile developers the ability to quickly and easily create applications on iOS, Android, Mac and Windows devices in a fully native manner, but from a single code base, is kind of like the holy grail for developers. Xamarin boasts that its platform is used [...]

  • DoubleDutch is vendor of mobile event applications, a simple enough concept. What they do is to help event organizers capture and surface data from live events. Think of all the mobile touchpoints for an event or conference and DoubleDutch is there – mobile agendas, surveys and polling, attendee networking etc. Attending …

  • Road trips will be more fun in the back seat with GM's new built-in Wifi hotspot.

  • Illumina, the leading maker of DNA sequencing equipment, is partnering with Sanofi, AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson to create a test for more mutations in dozens of genes that will be used first in clinical trials and, eventually, to help decide which patient should get which marketed drug. The tool is [...]

  • Amazon’s high-profile signing this week of a memorandum of understanding to set up a logistics warehouse and a cross-border e-commerce platform in Shanghai is an effort to move more deeply into a China e-commerce market that will become the world’s largest in the coming years.  Amazon is looking to set [...]

  • Thanks to a pilot project announced today by Microsoft, TracFone and Health Choice Network (here) we're about to find out. Set to launch in January, the pilot project is designed to test the theory that smartphones can lower costs and manage chronic conditions like diabetes with better health outcomes. One big [...]

  • A big rally in the share price of Chinese after-school tutoring services company TAL Education Group has lifted its CEO Zhang Bangxin into the ranks of the world’s billionaires. TAL Education’s New York-traded shares rose 1.6% overnight to a record $34.57.  They have soared from $21.99 at the end of 2013. TAL, [...]

  • Hong Kong-traded shares in Geely, the Chinese automaker controlled by billionaire Li Shufu, lost 0.6% in early trade today after the company said yesterday profit and sales both dropped in the first half from a year earlier. Sales fell by 32% to 10.1 billion yuan, or $1.6 billion, and net [...]

  • The Central Bank of Brazil gives lenders more money to burn as economy falters.

  • With Intel’s Developer Forum (IDF) just around the corner, it’s a great time to assess the company’s current position and likely moves as it addresses tumultuous changes in its primary consumer and enterprise businesses. For IT managers, the focus should be less on PC and mobile processors, or whether Intel [...]

  • Half of all Americans don't use their vacation time. That is a short term action which imperils long-term performance, and leaders must start addressing.

  • If Netflix wins some major awards Monday night, it will be a very big deal for Hollywood.

  • HP reported $27.6 billion in third quarter revenue.

  • Ford believes that its five-year effort to court Millennial consumers is paying off as indicated in data that show the brand has risen to the top in purchase consideration by Generation Y. And as more in that generation become parents, Ford executives also are convinced that their lineup -- from fuel-efficient [...]

  • Despite of its lack of innovative features, the PlayStation 4 continues to outsell the Xbox One and Wii U.

  • Carl Icahn disclosed an 8.48% stake in Hertz Global Holdings on Wednesday after the rental car company’s stock was rocked because of its latest mishap—operational problems that caused the company to withdraw its financial guidance for 2014. A Securities & Exchange Commission filing showed that Icahn had been building a …

  • Another day of solid buying and the sharp increase in housing starts gave the homebuilding stocks a boost, which helped the overall market. The A/D lines for the NYSE Composite, S&P 500, Nasdaq 100, and the Dow Jones Industrials have now broken their downtrends. Maybe the Wall Street pros realized that too many of them …

  • Oil prices may have begun a multiyear retrenchment as the U.S. starts to liberalize its energy policy. Though it's already begun, it will be expedited by a Republican takeover of the Senate in November. Mexico is moving rapidly to let private companies exploit their vast energy resources. These dramatic changes in policies …

  • Investor interest in Coca-Cola perks up as world's largest soft drink company buys large stakes in Keurig and Monster Beverage.

  • Who's Behind The Porn Bots On Kik? @ Forbes - 19 hours ago

    A small group of English-speaking spammers appear to be trying to swindle Kik’s mostly-teen user base, and evidence shows they’ve been at it since 2010.

  • The "Ice Bucket Challenge" has now traveled across the Pacific to the Middle Kingdom.

  • Opening the Unite 2014 Developer Conference in Seattle this morning, Unity Technologies debuted a number of features to build on their already popular development platform Unity. With moves to increase productivity for existing developers, attract new developers, and expand support, the gaming platform continues to build …

  • Coursera's massively open online courses are catching the eyes of big employers such as MasterCard, which see certain MOOCs as useful for employee development.

  • Vine Makes It Easier To Make Vines @ Forbes - 21 hours ago

    Video The thing that makes Vine cool, that it showcases how bizarrely clever some people can be when their creativity is forced into constraints, is also what makes it intimidating. To produce a six-second video loop worth watching, a certain degree of forethought is required -- perhaps too much for most [...]

  • Destiny may be still a few weeks from release, but at least a few members of staff are looking toward their next project already. One of the writers who worked on the game, Joshua Rubin, announced via Twitter that he was moving on from Destiny to help pen Telltale's upcoming [...]

  • Last week a record-breaking 13 inches of rain deluged Long Island in just a few hours, toppling trees and stranding drivers on flooded highways. It will take weeks for residents to clean up, because New York doesn’t have the infrastructure to divert and contain such a massive flow of water. In [...]

  • 9 takeaways from a new study of financial firms and tools.

  • Barnes & Noble unveiled a new device this morning at its flagship store in Union Square in New York, but will it be enough to turn around its sagging digital business? The new Nook Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 -- the company's first new tablet since taking a break from making tablets [...]

  • Chief exec Rich Riley is turning the music-recognition service into an everything-recognition service and is boosting its advertising business.

  • Mobile, just like the Pepsi tagline of a generation or so ago, it’s the choice of a new generation. But unlike the Pepsi tagline which was essentially a meaningless marketing message, mobile absolutely is the way of the future. Organizations across the globe are looking to make their employees more [...]

  • Omaha's second most-famous value investor says Malone's Liberty Media empire is worth a buy even in an expensive market.

  • There’s a saying that goes, “old poker players never die, they just shuffle away.” Today the same might be said for some retailers too. Why? Well, in recent years many retailers have eschewed a differentiating brand strategy for gambling. OK, not gambling in the very strictest sense of the word, but [...]

  • Video I haven't thought Sony was cool in about 15 years. Maybe 20. But that started to change this week when I saw this new "Underwater Apps" ad campaign for the Sony Xperia Z1S smartphone. And then even more so when I found out a secret about the development of the campaign. First, [...]

  • Target's Call To Action: Regain 'Merchandising Authority' @ Forbes - Wed, Aug 20, 2014 10:17 AM EDT

    Target’s CFO, John Mulligan, took a wide range of questions on the company’s Q2 earnings call Wednesday morning. There are some positive signs amid apparent weakness. Results were in line with what Target projected on August 5.  Sales for the quarter were flat, but improved every month, and actually turned positive [.. …

  • Like an end-game boss that won't stop taking on final forms, Diablo 3 is back, yet again. First, there was the vanilla release on PC which many decried at launch as a poor return to form for the famed series. Then came the console port, which proved leagues better than [...]

  • 5 Reasons Amazon Stock Should Trade Lower -- $134 Anyone? @ Forbes - Wed, Aug 20, 2014 10:05 AM EDT

    How much is a share of stock worth? The answer is that nobody knows but there are plenty of people with differing opinions. Each time a person buys or sells a share, she is expressing an opinion about what that share is worth. Given the apparent inability of people to [...]

  • The NFL's Most Valuable Teams @ Forbes - Wed, Aug 20, 2014 10:01 AM EDT

    Just because the auction of the Buffalo Bills is having a tough time drawing bids above $1 billion two years after the Cleveland Browns sold for $987 million, and just weeks after the National Basketball Association's Los Angeles Clippers were sold for $2 billion, doesn't mean the National Football League [...]

  • The bigger a company gets, the harder it is to innovate and move quickly. But don't tell that to Marc Benioff and the team at, which continues its reign as Forbes' Most Innovative Company for the fourth straight year. By size, Salesforce barely resembles the company that went public a [...]

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