Qatar GDP growth slows marginally to 6.0 pct in Q2


DUBAI, Sept 29 (Reuters) - Qatar's real growth in grossdomestic product slowed slightly to 6.0 percent year-on-year inthe second quarter of 2013 from 6.2 percent in the first,dampened by a drop in global oil prices, data showed on Sunday.

GDP rose 0.6 percent from the first quarter, according tothe Ministry of Planning and Statistics.

Output of the mining and quarrying sector, which includesoil and gas production and accounts for more than 40 percent ofGDP, rose only 1.0 percent from a year earlier.

Most other areas expanded much faster, with the financialand real estate sector growing 15.4 percent and the constructionsector growing 11.4 percent as Qatar pushed forward billions ofdollars worth of infrastructure projects.

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