Quasar Provides Corporate Update and Announces 2012 Flight Training Excellence Award


JACKSONVILLE, FL, July 31, 2013 - (eTeligis via Accesswire) - Quasar Aerospace Industries, Inc. (QASP) (“Quasar” or “the Company”) is pleased to provide this update to its shareholders and the investment community.

Quasar operates two flight schools as wholly owned subsidiaries of the Company. Both A-Cent Aviation, Inc., located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and Atlantic Aviation, Inc., located in Jacksonville, Florida, offer a full range of pilot training from Private Pilot through Commercial Pilot and Airline Transport Pilot Programs. Quasar’s flight schools continue to operate on a daily basis and our student enrollment continues to grow. In addition, Quasar owns and operates Corporate Air Repair, LLC, an aircraft maintenance facility at Herlong Airport in Jacksonville, Florida.

We are proud to announce that Atlantic Aviation, Inc., (“AAI”), was presented with an Excellence Award for 2012 (http://flighttraining.aopa.org/awardwinners/2012winners.html). The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (“AOPA”) received over 2,400 nominations and AAI was one of these flight schools nominated in the 2012 Flight Training Excellence Awards for the inaugural year. The Excellence Awards allowed AOPA to identify and recognize the highest levels of achievement in the flight training community, with the goal of encouraging others to adopt similar characteristics of success. AOPA’s Center to Advance the Pilot Community stated, “We commend and congratulate you for earning a spot on the 2012 Flight Training Honor Roll. This placed you in the top 50 flight schools in the country.” Quasar is proud to be a recipient of such a highly sought after recognition and plans to keep up the pace. AAI being acknowledged as one of the top 50 flight schools in the country shows Quasar’s determination and commitment to providing top notch flight training. AAI proudly displays this recognition at its operating location.

Quasar through its FAA Part 141 Flight School, A-Cent Aviation, Inc., (“A-Cent”) continues to work toward certification under the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (“SEVIS”)/Student and Exchange Visitor Program (“SEVP”) to gain the ability to train students from foreign countries. Quasar management, shareholders and the investment community have anxiously waited for this approval from the Department of Homeland Security to permit the Company to sponsor non-U.S. citizens to receive training from our flight training schools. A-Cent has passed all the necessary inspections and has submitted all requested documentation and the Company is making preparations to receive SEVP certification in the very near future.

Both flight schools are currently expanding their marketing and sales programs, as we have ramped up efforts to train airline pilots to comply with the requirement of the Airline Safety Act of 2010. The FAA has published a Notice of Proposed Rule-making (NPRM) proposing that all airline pilots must qualify for an Airline Transport Pilot license before August of 2013. Airlines have begun to implement this regulation and are now outsourcing the training required for their pilots to qualify. Both Quasar flight schools have developed programs to capitalize on this training demand. “This opportunity will be ongoing as airlines invest in training for their current and future pilots. We are working to develop training and housing programs that will facilitate out of state pilots training with both of our facilities” says COO William Cirmo.

President, Donnell J. Vigil states, “We take our responsibility to our stockholders very seriously. Our belief is that we maximize stockholder value by continuing to maintain a long-term focus. Rather than thinking about ways in which we can create short-lived economic gains each quarter, we focus on serving our shareholders and investors by delivering the most relevant and accurate information as fast as we can. By providing the best aviation services, we believe that we are building a company that will create more value, not just for our patrons, but ultimately also for our stockholders as well. We believe in the importance of building stockholder trust. We adhere to the highest levels of ethical business practices which embody ethical conduct by our directors, officers and employees.” Quasar welcomes emails and calls from shareholders and interested investors and we will respond as quickly as possible to all inquiries.

Quasar is working diligently on the issues with NHS Health Solutions, Inc. (“NHSH”). Unfortunately, prior management failed to properly report as required and we are in the midst of trying to seek a remedy to this situation.

We will continue to update our shareholders and the investment community as events unfold.

Quasar and its subsidiaries are involved in aviation and aviation related businesses. We are awaiting SEVIS/SEVP certification to provide training to foreign students (http://www.ice.gov/sevis/). We are the only certified Cessna Pilot Center (http://www.cessna.com/learn-to-fly.html) in Jacksonville, FL. Through our subsidiaries we are an FAA Part 141 flight school (http://www.faa.gov/), Computer Assisted Testing Service (CATS) (http://www.catstest.com/) and a Comira testing facility (http://www.comiratesting.com/). We offer flight training and accept VA benefits under the GI bill (http://www.gibill.va.gov/). Atlantic Aviation, Inc. recipient of AOPA’s 2012 Flight Training Excellence Awards (http://flighttraining.aopa.org/awardwinners/2012winners.html).

Check us out on our web site (http://www.quasaraero.com/) and Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Quasar-Aerospace-Industries-Inc/146434125485747 or look to schedule a student pilot experience flight through Groupon (http://www.groupon.com/) or Living Social (http://www.livingsocial.com/) or visit (http://www.flyatlanticaviationinc.com/).

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