Real Estate Video Marketing Leader HouseLens Launches Mobile-First Platform

HTML5 video marketing solution leads the way in mobile real estate marketing.

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NASHVILLE, Tenn., Aug. 20, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- HouseLens Inc. is leading the real estate marketing industry with its launch of a true mobile-first marketing platform that innovates video viewing and the overall user experience for home buyers and real estate agents.

The HouseLens platform, which consists of a back-end customer portal and front-end webpages for video-based listings, complements the company's mobile-first corporate website, which launched in June. Both were built using the HTML5 language, which serves as the foundation for responsive design.

"What's really exciting about responsive design is that it completely eliminates the need for apps or other specialized software," says Joshua Lomelino, HouseLens' Chief Information Officer and Senior UX Designer. "With HTML5, our full video marketing platform automatically adjusts itself for display and performance on mobile devices like phones and tablets. The full site is the mobile site."

The result is a solution that can be used on any device, any time, anywhere. Home buyers can view HouseLens' signature walk-through video tours and professional photos, and agents can manage their listings, with ultimate convenience.

It's a much-needed step in the right direction for real estate marketing. Research from Google and the National Association of Realtors shows that 89% of home buyers use mobile devices to research real estate – even when they're sitting at home. And Realtors spend a median of 44% of their time conducting business via mobile devices.

"This launch illustrates our top-priority commitment to meet the demonstrated needs of our customers and their clients," says HouseLens founder and CEO Andrew Crefeld. "The primary reason I started HouseLens was to make the home-buying and -selling process more convenient for everyone involved. HTML5 responsive design is key to accomplishing that goal."

About HouseLens Inc.
HouseLens Inc. is the nation's largest provider of video marketing solutions for real estate, with a presence in 25 of the nation's Top 50 real estate markets. The company supplies agents with full-motion walk-through video tours, professional photography and listing webpages, all within a 48-hour turnaround. Other HouseLens marketing solutions include custom videos for premium listings, agent video bios and broker promotional videos. For more information, visit

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