The Real Winner of the Election Is....

Brian Bolan



The election today is going to be the big news.  Many can't wait for election night coverage and all the early poll results.  Me, I will be looking at any channel but the news on TV... maybe I will listen to a recorded conference call or work on a model tonight.

I am not saying the election is not important.... it’s just not that important to me.  See there was already a big winner of this election, and it’s been a winner all year long.

Some of you may know that being from Ohio makes me a Buckeye, but my home state is the winner in this election.  How did Ohio win you ask?

Well once again the Buckeye state solidified its position as the chooser of the Presidency.  We always pick the winner. It’s just a fact.

Maybe because the state is well divided between Democrats in the north and Republicans in the south we see the vast majority of the political campaign spend too.  You want to talk about bottom lines, the bottom lines is both candidates will have spent more in Ohio than any other state, and that makes Ohio the winner.

Ohio businesses have benefited from this election year and will continue to do so long into the future.  


Think I got it wrong?  Tell me so in the comments.  


Oh and I am writing in Urban Meyer on my ballot.  GO BUCKEYES!



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