Realty Mogul Executives to Speak at IMN Crowdfunding Forum for Real Estate in Santa Monica

Realty Mogul joins other industry leaders in a two-day conference devoted to exploring critical issues in the crowdfunding industry

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LOS ANGELES, Sept. 4, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Realty Mogul, the online real estate capital platform connecting accredited investors to real estate investment opportunities, will participate in the Crowdfunding Forum For Real Estate organized by IMN on September 8th and 9th in Santa Monica, California.

IMN's Crowdfunding Forum For Real Estate event is a conference dedicated to real estate sponsors and Registered Investment Advisors and will feature more than 45 speakers drawn from the most prominent real estate professionals in the industry. The event is expected to draw a large group of real estate sponsors who are interested in using crowdfunding to help finance their real estate transactions.  

"We're excited to speak at the event and support IMN through our sponsorship in Los Angeles, where we are headquartered.  As alternative financing and online lending becomes more prominent in the real estate industry, it's crucial to share information with multiple stakeholders. As one of the early pioneers in real estate crowdfunding, we're excited to share our perspective on what we're seeing in the industry," said Jilliene Helman, Founder and CEO of Realty Mogul.

Jilliene Helman will be speaking on the "Crowdfunder Portal" panel at the Fairmont Miramar Hotel in Santa Monica on the morning of September 8th.  In addition, Elizabeth Braman, Chief Production Officer of Realty Mogul, will be speaking on the afternoon of September 8th, participating in a panel discussion on "Using Crowdfunding Platforms to Borrow Money" that will address topics such as the fundamentals of investing in debt crowdfunding; fees and terms of debt fundraises; duration and rate of return; and evaluating short-term bridge loans.  

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About Realty Mogul
Realty Mogul is an online real estate capital markets platform, connecting borrowers and sponsors to capital from accredited and institutional investors.  Through crowdfunding, Realty Mogul gives investors tools to browse investments, do due diligence, invest online and have 24/7 access to an investor dashboard to watch how their investments are performing.  Realty Mogul partners with borrowers and sponsors to source deal flow and curates all of the investments.  For these real estate companies, Realty Mogul provides a broader capital pool and tools to do investor reporting, investor communication and distributions.

About IMN
IMN, founded in 1994, is a global organizer of institutional finance & investment and healthcare IT conferences. In 2004 the business was acquired by Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC, a UK company listed on the London Stock Exchange.  The Real Estate division of IMN produces industry leading educational and networking forums for Real Estate Opportunity & Private Fund, Mezzanine Lending, Non-Traded REIT, Distressed Residential, Commercial, & Hotel Real Estate and Bank & Special Asset Executive professionals.  Hallmarks of an IMN conference are a quality and rigorously vetted speaking faculty, interactive panel discussion and a balanced audience composition which facilitates excellent networking opportunities.


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