REVISED: Legal & General Reveals Increased Risk from Digital Criminals

March 5, 2012

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire -03/05/12)- Legal & General's Digital Criminal 2012: CyberSafety report(i) reveals attitudes to social networking is putting social media users at risk of falling victim to increasingly sophisticated cyber criminals.

According to research conducted for Legal & General's home insurance business, 91% of Brits who use social media at least once a week are asked to connect online with someone they've never met and 51% accept these requests which are effectively from strangers.

To highlight some of the key findings from the Report, we've created a series of infographics (images and key facts), and a video below:

Also, to help you stay safe online, Legal & General have the following 'virtual housekeeping' tips:


--  Be secure
    --  Use firewalls, anti-spyware and anti-virus software
    --  Use strong passwords, which are eight characters or more, and
        contain a mixture of letters, numbers and symbols
    --  Use different passwords for each account
    --  Don't use your email address as a log on name
--  Clean up your online footprint
    --  Google yourself to find out what information is posted about you
    --  Delete old profiles, such as Friends Reunited, Bebo and old dating
        profiles that are unused
    --  Check out what is stored on you on websites such as,
        and others
--  Check your privacy
    --  Check out each social networking site's privacy policy
    --  Set your account's privacy controls to 'private' and be wary of the
        'friends of friends' permission settings - think about how far this
        widens your network
    --  Check which social networking sites have access to your private data
--  Be wary of strangers
    --  Don't accept friend or connect requests from people who you've never
--  Limit what you publish
    --  Don't reveal your date of birth or gender
    --  Don't reveal where you live or post telephone numbers
    --  Don't talk about your holiday plans, weekend plans or new purchases

You should also ensure you have suitable home contents insurance in place should the worst happen and you are a victim of burglary.

The Digital Criminal 2012: CyberSafety report is available to download or alternatively, find out more about Legal & General's home insurance or get a home insurance quote.

(i) Consumer research for Legal & General'sDigital Criminal 2012: CyberSafety report was conducted with 2,005 UK adults who use social media at least once a week, between 16 and 18 January 2012.


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