Reworked Mayo finance plan ups local, private ante

Reworked plan to help Mayo with expansion up local share, private ante before state chips in

Associated Press

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) -- A reworked proposal for a publicly aided Mayo Clinic expansion plan relies on a heavier local match and requires a bigger private ante before the state of Minnesota chips in.

Revisions aired Monday in the Senate Taxes Committee would withhold state dollars until $250 million is spent on upgrading the clinic and associated development around Rochester. That's $50 million higher than the trigger in a companion House bill.

But in exchange, the Senate proposal would allow for a higher total state contribution, approaching $400 million in aid and tax breaks.

A range of local taxes would generate at least $128 million.

Mayo says none of the public money would go toward its buildings. The goal is to have the state assist with roads, sewers and other public infrastructure.

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