RI congressmen back cliff deal, call it imperfect

US Reps. Langevin, Cicilline support fiscal cliff compromise, with reservations

Associated Press

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) -- Rhode Island's two U.S. representatives have supported the fiscal cliff deal that passed in the House, though both say it was hardly ideal legislation.

Rep. Jim Langevin says he voted for it because it prevents a middle-class income tax hike, extends unemployment insurance and includes renewable energy tax credits beneficial to the state's wind energy industry.

The deal includes income tax increases for some high-income earners but no significant deficit-cutting agreement. Most Americans will also see their federal taxes rise because of a payroll tax hike.

Rep. David Cicilline also says the legislation was far from perfect but that it protects middle-class families from steep tax hikes. He says the short-term solution doesn't reflect how Congress should address "such profoundly important issues."

Both are Democrats.

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