It's Ridiculously Expensive To Buy Food At Art Basel Miami

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Unless you're a Miami local, you've shelled out a lot of cash to fly to Miami, stay at a hotel, perhaps buy yourself a new pair of sandals and a pedicure, all to attend the chi-chi five-day long art fair known as Art Basel.

But once you've made it inside the enormous Miami Convention Center filled with a labyrinth of art gallery booths, you should still be prepared to spend on the food inside the fair.

After what can be an entire day of walking around, it's only natural to search for the nearest bottle of water or snack to fuel up for the night's party festivities.

But upon entering the chic "cafeteria," here is what we found.

From a distance, the food options seemed endless:

But upon further inspection, our choices are pretty much limited to an $8 fruit cup...

Or a sad-looking $11 turkey wrap.

We decided to go all out and splurge on this glorious $16 sushi platter.

But that was nothing compared to the prices of the hot meals served by caterers.

There was a bar, too. One glass of wine was listed at $20, and a bottle of water was four bucks.

And an area of tables to sit and eat, or drink, surrounded by art.

Or a grassy indoor knoll to host a picnic.

Because why enjoy the Miami sunshine when you have fake greenery to lay upon?

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