At Risk of Investment Fraud? Find Out Fast

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At Risk of Investment Fraud? Find Out Fast

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What's your financial fraud risk score? ©FINRA

Ever wonder if you're at a high risk for investment fraud? You can find out using this unique—and free—tool.

It's the fraud Risk Meter. Created by the FINRA Investor Education Foundation, it's based on the latest research on financial fraud. You can find out whether you're at a low, medium or high risk for investment fraud by answering a few questions like these:

1. Have you ever checked with a securities regulator to see whether an investment professional was licensed before you did business with that person?

2. Have you or would you consider an investment that a friend, family member or co-worker recommended?

3. Have you attended an investment seminar with a free meal?

Your Fraud Risk Profile

The fraud Risk Meter compares your responses to the findings of two research studies—a 2007 Senior Fraud Risk Survey by the FINRA Investor Education Foundation and a 2006 Investor Fraud Study by the Consumer Fraud Research Group—that examined how known investment fraud victims differ from non-victims.

Based on your responses to the questions, the Risk Meter gives you a total score and places you in a green, yellow or red zone when it comes to investment fraud risk.

That's not all. The tool explains why your answers to various questions make you a fraud risk.

For example, if you answered "yes" to the question, "Have you attended an investment seminar with a free meal?" the tool explains why that's a risky type of behavior. It's because victims of investment fraud are three times more likely than non-victims to have attended at least one "free meal" investment seminar.

Use the Risk Meter today to find out how susceptible you are to financial fraud.

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