Robots & Pencils reimagines HyperCard™, creating an app creator and publishing platform

PencilCase™ is an app maker and publisher designed for everyone to use, not just developers. No coding required.

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CALGARY, Alberta, March 27, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- App development company Robots & Pencils has reimagined HyperCard™ with the creation of PencilCase™, an app maker and publishing solution for the iPhone and iPad. Non-developers can soon create sophisticated, native iOS applications quickly and publish them instantly.

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"PencilCase™ is going to change the way people make mobile applications. With no coding required, it'll enable a new generation of app makers," said Michael Sikorsky, CEO, Global and co-founder of Robots & Pencils. "We've been using versions of PencilCase internally for over a year to support some of our chart topping apps. It's time to share it."

PencilCase™ includes the PencilCase: AppMaker, an app creator and publishing system that allows users to create bespoke apps quickly. Users can drag and drop content, and add programmed animations, visual effects and physics. It can even import 3D models.

With a single click, apps can be deployed to the App Store or published instantly to the user's device or PencilCase: AppDrop, a controlled, private app store.

"PencilCase gives the power to create while taking away the fear of publishing," said Phil Komarny, CEO, US, Robots & Pencils. "As BYOD continues to become the norm, organizations can leverage this trend without compromising the quality of content. The days of settling for water-downed mobile interfaces are numbered."

PencilCase™ sets itself apart from do-it-yourself app creator and publishing platforms by allowing users to create completely custom, native apps. While coding is not required, a built-in panel allows programmers to fine-tune if needed, all in JavaScript. As a project grows, a programmer can take over seamlessly.

Robots & Pencils will be demonstrating PencilCase™ at booth 42 in Appalooza during the MacWorld/iWorld conference at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, March 27 – 29, 2014.

To learn more about PencilCase™ and watch a demo video, visit

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