Roche CEO would not rule out move into rare diseases


PARIS, Oct 23 (Reuters) - Swiss drugmaker Roche Holding AG would not rule out a move into treatments for rarediseases, Chief Executive Severin Schwan said on Wednesday.

"It doesn't matter whether this is a medicine in primarycare or whether this is a specialist medicine, it doesn't matterwhether it's for small patient populations or for bigpopulations," Schwan told a news conference in Paris.

"It is a matter of how much additional value you vangenerate, how much of an additional medical benefit you cangenerate for the individual patient and that is the criteria."

Asked if that meant he did not exclude a move into rarediseases, Schwan said: "We go where the science takes us -independent from the size or the patient population."

He declined to comment specifically on whether the companywas interested in buying Alexion Pharmaceuticals orBioMarin.

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