Rogue Tradesmen Cost Britain Billions

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ILFORD, England, April 23, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --

A recent survey commissioned by the Government-endorsed 'find a tradesman' scheme, TrustMark has revealed that poor work carried out by tradesmen costs consumers in Britain around £1.9bn per year.

The TrustMark study also showed that out of the 18 million British consumers who employed tradesmen over the last year, 20% found that work was not appropriately carried out, which cost an average of £600 to rectify.

Whilst many homeowners had to foot the bill themselves, some were able to cover the costs with their home insurance policies. Others were able to resolve disputes using the Trading Standards Agency or official bodies such as TrustMark.

Poor workmanship has become a problem in the UK over the last few years, with many career changers entering the building trade after being made redundant from a previous career. Training provisions are not always adequate, and many workmen attempt jobs far above their competency levels.

Due to these issues, TrustMark are launching a new set of standards for tradesmen which will ensure that the work they provide is always of the highest quality and consumers will be protected from rogue traders.

Nova Insurance, a tradesmen insurance provider, has noted the importance of these new standards for tradesmen, as not only will they protect consumers but also reduce the risk of tradesmen entering disputes.

Nova Insurance also reminds tradesmen who have been affected by a dispute of the importance of tradesmen liability insurance, which can protect builders and traders. Often tradesmen are able to reclaim the expenses for legal claims and are normally protected in the event of legal action being taken against them.

New regulations in the industry should help to improve the situation in the UK, and organisations such as TrustMark are striving to improve trading conditions for tradesmen while ensuring customers are being fairly charged for work.

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