ROSG: Collaboration Accelerates Product Development and Represents New Avenue for Revenue Growth

Zacks Small Cap Research

By Grant Zeng, CFA


A new revenue growth platform for Rosetta (ROSG) is through collaboration with biotech/pharmaceutical companies to monetize its microRNA platform technologies.

In June, Rosetta Genomics entered into an agreement with Moffitt Cancer Center to advance the development and commercialization of Rosetta's thyroid neoplasia assay.

Under the agreement, Rosetta will work with Marino Leon, M.D., associate member of the Department of Anatomic Pathology at Moffitt.

An estimated 4-7 percent of the general population develops nodules in the thyroid that can be felt on examination, though fewer than 10 percent are malignant. A fine needle aspiration (FNA), a non-surgical procedure used to obtain tissue for analysis by a pathologist, is the standard technique for detecting cancer. However, interpretation of FNA samples is not always conclusive, and up to 30 percent of samples have indeterminate results.

In April, Rosetta Genomics entered into a strategic alliance with Marina Biotech to identify and develop microRNA-based products designed to diagnose and treat various neuromuscular diseases and dystrophies.

The Alliance is exclusive as it relates to neuromuscular diseases and dystrophies, with both Companies free to develop and collaborate outside this field both during and after the terms of the Alliance. The Companies' initial efforts are expected to be focused on Becker and Duchenne muscular dystrophies as well as myotonic dystrophy. Financial terms and other details of the agreement are not being disclosed at this time.

Under the terms of the Alliance, Rosetta will apply its industry leading microRNA discovery expertise for the identification of microRNAs involved in the various dystrophy diseases. If the microRNA is determined to be correlative to the disease, Rosetta may further develop the microRNA into a diagnostic for patient identification and stratification. If the microRNA is determined to be involved in the disease pathology and represents a potential therapeutic target, Marina may develop the resulting microRNA-based therapeutic for clinical development.

In January, Rosetta Genomics announced that it signed a master service provider agreement with an undisclosed major global biopharmaceutical company, under which, Rosetta will provide its microRNA profiling and other services pursuant to a collaboration in important areas of unmet medical need utilizing a novel therapeutic approach.

This agreement leverages Rosetta’s microRNA biomarker platform and expertise to assist one of the world's leading biopharmaceutical companies to advance their research and development efforts on this important, novel therapeutic approach.

In addition to the company’s current cancer testing services and new products from its own, internal research and development initiatives, collaborations such as these represent third major platform for revenue growth for the company.

Moving forward, we believe Rosetta will enter into additional similar agreements as the company seeks to monetize its leading microRNA platform and expertise.


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