Sainsbury’s sparks new petrol price war with 4p cut


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Sainsbury’s will be cutting 4p off the price of petrol and 3p from diesel in its forecourts from tomorrow (Wednesday).

The news was shortly followed by announcements from all the major supermarkets.

Asda, is to slash 3p off the price of petrol and 2p off the price of diesel. Morrisons and Tesco are cutting their prices (diesel and petrol) by 2p and 3p respectively, all from tomorrow.

Although the price drop isn’t as big as that from Sainsbury’s, Asda says it’s the only supermarket to have one flat-rate price across the country when it cuts petrol prices.

The 4p drop in petrol from Sainsbury’s is one of the biggest cuts made to petrol prices in recent years, and will be welcomed as petrol and diesel have edged towards record highs again recently.

Supermarket sweep

This competition between supermarkets on fuel, which generally starts with one announcing a cut and the others following quickly afterwards, is not a new phenomenon.

Back in October, Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Tesco all slashed prices, by around 2p a litre, following a fall in the wholesale price of petrol.

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