Salaries of Executive MBA Graduates Rise by 14 Percent

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The salary and bonus packages of recent Executive MBA (EMBA) program graduates who participated in the Executive MBA Council 2013 Student Exit Benchmarking Survey increased by 14 percent from program start to program end.

The average salary and bonus package at program start for students in the 2013 survey was $140,310. By the end of the program, the average salary and bonus package rose to $159,963.

The EMBA Council conducts the Student Exit Benchmarking Survey to track the perceptions and opinions of EMBA program graduates and to help measure the return on investment of the degree. The survey included 2,647 students from 88 EMBA Programs.

In addition to salary increases, more than half (51 percent) of the graduates received new responsibilities and 38 percent a promotion during their time in the EMBA Programs.

“By gaining skills and perspectives that make participants better leaders and managers, the EMBA experience results in many positive outcomes,” says Michael Desiderio, executive director of the EMBA Council. “These outcomes include tangible ones, such as salary, and intangible ones, such as greater knowledge, improved leadership abilities and a broader network, which stay with graduates throughout their career.”

EMBA graduates also report high levels of satisfaction with their EMBA experience, ranking program quality (8.3 on a 10-point scale), their willingness to recommend their program to a colleague or friend (8.4) and the likelihood of supporting the program as alumni (8.2).

When evaluating programs, survey participants said the six most important program attributes are overall length of the program (8.8 on a 10-point scale), compatibility of class schedule to work (8.5), reputation of business school (8.5), class size (8.4), ranking of business school and quality of study team/study group (8.2 each).

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About the Executive MBA Council

The Executive MBA Council ( provides a forum for programs to share best practices and gathers industry data for member use. Percept Research, an independent market research firm and the council’s research partner, conducted the survey analysis.

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