Sealand Natural Resources Announces Sales Agreement with REFORMHAUS Retail Stores

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Sealand Natural Resources Inc. (OTCBB: SLNR), a new product development company which manufactures, markets and sells functional beverages (Sealand BIRK), today announced a sales agreement with REFORMHAUS, widely recognized as the premier health food retailer in Germany and Austria.

The company’s flagship product, Sealand BIRK, an all-natural, sustainable harvested, organic health beverage, has successfully launched in REFORMHAUS’ stores throughout Germany and Austria and has been very well received by consumers. In addition to ordering a second shipment of Sealand BIRK, REFORMHAUS has approved the REFORMHAUS vegan logo as part of their private labeling program.

Lars Poulsen, Chief Executive Officer of Sealand Natural Resources Inc., commented, “We are proud that the first shipment of Sealand BIRK had such excellent sell through, REFORMHAUS promptly reordered. With over 2,600 locations across Germany and Austria, REFORMHAUS is the cornerstone to the health food industry in these countries and we are excited to have this kind of exposure in yet another large, and fast-growing market. I think consumers are impressed not only with the taste and health benefits of Sealand BIRK but also the sustainable process as it is created and produced. BIRK appeals to all demographics, particularly to health food store consumers such as those who shop at REFORMHAUS.”

About Reformhaus Company:

Reformhaus ("reform house") is a German retailer headquartered in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, that specializes in groceries and personal care products according to the principles of the 19th-century Lebensreform movement; for example the products are vegetarian, often organic, and free of synthetic preservatives. In English-speaking countries this particular form of retail shop is usually called a health food store. One of the first Reformhaus stores opened in Wuppertal in 1900. In 1927 the neuform cooperative of Reformhaus owners was founded. This cooperative became responsible for central purchasing, quality assurance, and marketing.

As of January 2013, there are 1,662 Reformhäuser in Germany and a total of 2,980 retail outlets in Germany and Austria. Revenue exceeds 605 million Euro per year.

About Sealand Natural Resources, Inc.

Sealand Natural Resources, Inc., (SLNR). a research and new product development company, manufactures, markets, and sells functional beverages, organic nutriceuticals, health supplements, medicinal raw materials, and health food worldwide. Its product line is the harvested raw materials from the Birch tree and other natural and organic harvested compounds. The company offers products through direct sales, wholesale, and retail sales, as well as through distribution and licensing. Sealand Natural Resources Inc. serves specialty retailers, Co Op stores, health and science related companies, and chain stores, as well as the individual consumer. For more information, visit

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