Sean Parker And Fiancée Living In Plaza Hotel For 1.5 Years While Their $20 Million NYC Townhouse Gets Renovated

Alyson Shontell
May 16, 2013
alexandra lenas sean parker

AP Images

Sean Parker and his fiancée Alexandra Lenas have no problem burning cash.

The couple, worth an estimated $2 billion from Parker's time at Facebook, is reportedly living in New York City's Plaza Hotel while their 6-story townhouse in Greenwich Village is being renovated.

They've been living at the Plaza since December, Daily Mail reports. Parker purchased the townhouse in 2011 for $20 million.

Meanwhile, Parker and his fiancée are also throwing a wedding this summer that will cost an estimated $9 million, complete with custom-made costumes for each guest and the building of Hollywood-style backdrops.  Although so much about their wedding has been leaked to the press, Daily Mail says the couple is "strongly considering" scrapping their plans and having the multi-day extravaganza in Pebble Beach instead.

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