Selling It

September 26, 2013

In this month's installment of Selling It:

Golden Cocoon Award

A reader described this photo as follows:
Right: The box my Lenovo Lynx tablet keyboard was packaged in.
Left: The box shipped it in.
Back: The 98 feet of paper that surrounded it.
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‘B’ is for . . .  

A diner in Brooklyn found a way to brag about a sanitation grade lower than “A.”
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You say, 'ear.' I say, 'belly.'

Umm . . . we’re pretty sure you can’t hear with that.
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Whoo-hee! A cylinder!

“I wonder what the ‘unfun’ shapes are!” wrote a reader who was expecting at least a star or a dinosaur.
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Lost in translation

A reader said he was glad he had checked the safety notice on his new cell-phone charger: “Kids are gone, and I feel safer already.”
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Hair, there, everywhere!

If that’s what he looks like after 20 seconds, he must be rocking a Rapunzel-length ponytail by now.
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