Shipping company convicted in Va pollution case

Panamanian shipping company convicted of obstruction of justice in Va waste discharge case

Associated Press

NORFOLK, Va. (AP) -- A Panamanian corporation and two Greek citizens have been convicted in Virginia of charges related to the illegal discharge of contaminated waste water from a cargo vessel.

Diana Shipping Services S.A. was convicted of obstruction of justice on Thursday following a 12-day trial in U.S. District Court in Norfolk. Ioannis Prokakis and Antonios Boumpoutelos were convicted of falsifying records and a knowing failure to fully maintain an oil record book, among other things.

According to court records, the M/V Thetis discharged its bilge waste and sludge illegally in 2012 with a pipe that bypassed the oily water separator.

The company faces a maximum fine of $5.5 million. Sentencing is scheduled for November.

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