Sky 2000 Travel Offers Mega Giveaway as Part of Launch of New Social Media Experience


NEW YORK, NY --(Marketwire -03/20/12)-Sky 2000 Travel believes just because we live in an internet age doesn't mean we need to sacrifice personal service. Their expert agents have ensured thousands of travelers enjoyed reasonable and well planned vacations for over 17 years. Recently, they have applied that experience to developing a Facebook page with exciting contests, giveaways, and information.

The Bring a Friend Contest will surely be the talk of the town as it encourages users to have friends vote for them. The Decide Your Side Contest is unique in its incorporation of YouTube videos into the Facebook and travel planning experience. The participant watches the humorous clips of someone deciding between booking online or booking with an agent and then decides which argument is more compelling and shares his choice with his Facebook friends. In both contests, every participant wins! Prizes include up to $6,000 in travel vouchers, 10 iPod nanos, 2 weeks free car rental from Avis Israel, a free El Al GlobaLY Matmid card, 6 hours of free calling time to Israel, and more!

The new Facebook page also offers great coupon deals such as free hotel transfers, discounts on airfare, free cell phone or SIM card, free entrance to attractions in Israel, waiving airport tax, and more. Visitors to the Facebook page can also learn 14 ways a travel agency can provide for a better and more reasonable vacation experience than a website. Another feature allows users to request an individualized quote 24/7. They can expect an answer back the next business morning.

Sky 2000 Travel CEO Shmulik Kravitsky planned and strategized the site much as he has his business -- with intelligence and concern that his clients enjoy the best. He made sure it is truly a "wow experience." From the rave reviews of the select individuals who have had the chance to preview the page, it looks like he has succeeded. In the digital age, just as at the business's inception: Everyone wins with Sky 2000 Travel! Visit to enter the contests or learn more.


 Shmulik Kravitsky 212.559.9333
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