Speeding Ticket Fines and Their Consequences

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LOS ANGELES, April 21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The traffic ticket attorney at CheapTrafficAttorneys.com offers assistance for California drivers who are facing speeding tickets. Speeding ticket fines are a huge problem for people in California. California speeding tickets have base fines as well as penalty assessments and other fines that can result in substantial financial expenses.

Even though public transportation is becoming more popular in urban areas, driving is a necessary part of life for many people. Californians often need to drive to and from work, to and from school and for other personal, social or professional reasons. Along with the financial toll of a speeding ticket, most drivers will also find that a ticket results in points against their licenses. These points are added as soon as a driver pays the speeding ticket, which is essentially the same as pleading guilty to the offense. The points accumulate until there are enough to result in a license suspension. Visit http://www.cheaptrafficattorneys.com to learn more.

Another common consequence that the traffic lawyer at CheapTrafficAttorneys.com often warns against is insurance rate increases. Insurance companies evaluate drivers based largely on their personal driving habits. When points are assessed against a license, insurance companies consider that driver a higher risk and will change the premiums accordingly. Insurance rates can be increased substantially, particularly if the driver has a history of several traffic tickets or a large number of points. The speeding ticket attorney at CheapTrafficAttorneys.com can help.

For some drivers, the consequences can be even direr. Points against a commercial driver's license can result in job loss while license suspension is a real risk for anyone with numerous points or a history of traffic tickets. Losing driving privileges can be far more than an inconvenience and can affect the ability of a person to earn a living or complete his or her education.

Avoiding traffic tickets is the best way to minimize risk, but not all tickets are necessarily avoidable. The seasoned red light ticket lawyer at CheapTrafficAttorneys.com offers skilled representation for drivers who have received speeding tickets or other types of traffic tickets and work in both the Los Angeles County Court and Los Angeles Metro Court as well as Beverly Hills court, Chatsworth court, Van Nuys court, Santa Monica court and Long Beach court.

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