Spenco Launches Two New TOTAL SUPPORT(TM) Insoles

TOTAL SUPPORT Insoles Now Accommodate All Feet, All Shoes and All Athletic Needs


WACO, TX--(Marketwire -05/15/12)- Spenco Medical Corporation, an independently held manufacturer of footcare, footwear and healthcare products, today announced the debut of the TOTAL SUPPORT Thin and TOTAL SUPPORT Max Insoles. Building on the success of the Original TOTAL SUPPORT Insole, both feature "The Shape That Feels Great™" and "Full-Contact Comfort™," technologies that work with the foot for a healthier stride.

"With three TOTAL SUPPORT Insoles, Spenco now offers the benefits of our widely successful TOTAL SUPPORT Insole to customers with different support or footwear needs," said Jeff Antonioli, Global Sales Director for Spenco. "The expanded TOTAL SUPPORT line now fits all shoe styles and offers athletes and consumers a choice of support at all athletic levels."

Spenco reinvented the way people think about insoles with its bestselling TOTAL SUPPORT Insole, by providing advanced support for the heel and arch combined with increased shock absorption and motion control. Now, the new TOTAL SUPPORT Line takes insoles to the next level with a choice of customized support, catering to different foot types and biomechanical needs.

The TOTAL SUPPORT line is available in three styles:

  • TOTAL SUPPORT Original - Designed with the everyday athlete in mind, the Original offers semi-rigid support and motion control for individuals who participate in a variety of physical activities. The Original retails for $36.99.
  • TOTAL SUPPORT Thin - Designed for individuals who need semi-flexible arch support and stability in a low-profile insole. Ideal for upgrading minimalist running and vulcanized footwear. The Thin retails for $36.99
  • TOTAL SUPPORT Max - Designed for individuals who need maximum stability and support. Featuring our most supportive and rigid arch, the Max adds crucial support for a variety of physical activities. The Max retails for $36.99.

Featuring the latest Spenco insole technology, The TOTAL SUPPORT Line helps individuals perform at the highest level, while keeping feet comfortable and protected. All three insoles feature the exclusive 3-Pod™ System -- multi-density impact zones promoting healthy biomechanics, absorb shock and provide support and better alignment. Other features include variable-flex stability cradles, low-friction antimicrobial top cloths and metatarsal support, which offloads pressure from the ball-of-foot. All TOTAL SUPPORT Insoles are available in men's and women's sizes and can be found online and in retail stores.

Spenco's TOTAL SUPPORT Products put the optimum shape under your feet. The full contact support allows for superior performance, enabling consumers to walk longer, play harder and rest better. For more information, please visit http://bit.ly/totalsupportspenco.

Spenco Medical Corporation
Spenco was founded in 1967 by Dr. Wayman Spence, a renowned footcare specialist. For more than 45 years, Spenco has focused on innovative product development and superior service to differentiate itself in the outdoor, sports, footcare and medical markets.


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