Startup Aims to Eliminate Consumer Frustration with Coupon Code Websites

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SANTA MONICA, Calif., April 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- today announced its launch, offering a radically new take on the coupon code search experience. The website, offering over 1 million coupons for over 30,000 retailers, has been designed without ads or popups and is optimized for speed and efficiency.

DealSpotr was conceived in response to consumer feedback that existing coupon code websites remain outdated and confusing. Cluttered interfaces, hidden coupon codes, expired coupons and multiple popup windows characterize today's typical user experience. DealSpotr has been designed from the ground up around user needs - the website is simple, fast, displays all of its coupon codes in plain sight for the user, and does not utilize popup windows.

"Our research has indicated that many consumers avoid coupon code websites due to concerns over spam and malware," said Michael Quoc,'s CEO. "This didn't surprise us as many existing coupon websites appear to trick users into clicking, often leading to popups which further confuse the user. We've decided to take a radically different approach to the coupon code experience by eliminating anything that distracts from the core user task, namely finding a working coupon code."

The website offers a surprisingly simple user interface, with its homepage offering just a search bar, similar to most popular web search engines. Users can search from over 30,000 stores, and are shown a plain list of current and working coupon codes for each store. The site does not require the user to click on anything to reveal coupon codes, nor does it open any popup windows. DealSpotr simply offers a refreshingly simple, clean and fast user experience for finding coupon codes.

DealSpotr is available as a mobile-friendly website at

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